19 Things foodies should stop saying

Nov 4, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. ET
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Along with the excitement of trying new food, the quest for new flavors and the desire to share the love with friends, family and anyone with a pulse, there seems to be a wee bit of snobbery that comes with being a foodie. While it's no surprise that one's nose might lift in the air slightly after rubbing elbows with celebrity chefs and eating like an A-lister, there are still some things foodies just have to stop saying.

OK, we get it. It's cool to be a foodie. There's a certain swagger that comes with eating lobster at Le Bernardin, sushi at Nobu or steak at Gordon Ramsay Steak. There's a pride with eating only organic, dining on produce picked from your own garden and eating an eco-friendly-only diet. Still, it's starting to get out of hand. Google "snobby foodie sayings," and you'll see what we mean. The good news is that being a foodie doesn't need to mean being a snob, and foodies can go a long way to cleaning up our act if we can cut out a few sayings.

"It's better because it's organic."

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"It's more expensive because it's organic" is certainly true, but even food scientists can't agree if organic is better.

"It's better for you because it's all natural."

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Yes, so is 7Up in all its high-fructose, corn syrupy glory. There are no regulations around "all natural" or "100% natural," so let's stop acting like we know what they mean.

"I love [restaurant name]'s homemade cuisine."

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Unless you live in a restaurant, which would be kind of cool, what you order at one is not homemade.

"[Restaurant name] serves great street food!"

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Unless the restaurant is on the street, it ain't street food. Period. If it is, then this is perfectly acceptable.

"I only drink [list of multiple meaningless adjectives about your favorite tea/coffee]."

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If you have a drink you love, that's great. Don't ruin it for the rest of us if we want something else.

Besides, if all you drink is organically grown, mountain-raised, goat-rubbed, monkey-picked, Tibetan-processed, hormone-free, free-trade, Chinese 7 Valleys red oolong, then you're kind of missing out…

"I'm a [insert word]-avore."

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You probably aren't, because you probably made up that "avore" word. There are only carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and maybe locavores. Everything else just sounds kind of pretentious.

"It's delicious because it's farm-to-table. FTT FTW!"

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Lots of places are farm-to-table. Find a better reason to like the place you're touting.

"Where did [ingredient] come from?"

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It's a fine question, but what are we going to do with the answer? Who are we, as foodies, to judge the chef? Unless you know farmers personally, let's can this one.

"This is super fresh."

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Yes, fresh produce is important. On the other hand, when Subway uses that term, it starts to lose its oomph.

"It's totally fusion."

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Fusion cuisine was cool for a while, but next time you eat at a restaurant featuring two cuisines that should never be fused together, ask yourself if the term "fusion" isn't really a cry for help.

Or perhaps Brazilian rodizio-Buddhist fusion cuisine is the next major food trend…

"I'm building layers of flavor."

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Thanks goes to Rachael Ray for this one. Unless you can quickly articulate what "building layers of flavor" means and how it differs from what we used to call cooking, stop saying it.

"I love this because it's totally deconstructed."

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Deconstruction had its 15 minutes. The rest of us have gone back to constructed food.

"This needs kale!"

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No, it doesn't. We get that kale is a superfood packed with lots of things that will make us live longer. The problem is, will we want to live longer if all we can eat are dishes filled with kale?

Anything Giada De Laurentiis says how she says it.

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Giada is intelligent, gorgeous and makes mean Italian cuisine. On the other hand, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone else who pronounces spaghetti as "spuh-GEE-tee." Including other Italians.

"Actually, it's pronounced..."

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Correcting people is bad form for anyone, not just foodies. Seriously, unless you know the person cares how to say the restaurant/ingredient/etc., assume they don't. Because they don't.

"People are going to read about this on my blog."

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Perhaps. However, I can guarantee none of us wants to hear about it.

"This place is better because it's more expensive."

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For most people, the sucking sound their wallets make as they read a fine dining menu ruins their appetites, not improves them.

"This place is better because it's totally fetch."

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Yes, we realize fetch isn't going to happen, but you get what we mean. Places aren't better because they're newer or hipper. In fact, the opposite is normally true.

"Ew, you ate there?"

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We're kind of annoyed this even has to be on the list. Raining on other people's favorite diners doesn't make you classy — it makes you mean.

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