4 Easy breakfasts you won't mind packing all week

Oct 30, 2014 at 6:00 a.m. ET

Sometimes you just don't have time to sit down for breakfast in the morning. But just because you need an on-the-go breakfast doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to granola bars and drive-through windows. These delectable morning meals are perfect for packing, and just right for munching at your desk.

Avocado smoothie

Smoothies are consistently my quick breakfast of choice — throw the ingredients in a blender for 60 seconds, then I'm out the door. I'm currently digging this combination of avocado, banana, yogurt and grapefruit juice. It has plenty of fat and protein for satiety and a balance between creaminess, sweetness and acidity. The exact proportions are flexible, but I usually add one banana, half an avocado, about half a cup of yogurt and juice from half a grapefruit.

Berry yogurt with a twist

Pairing sweet-tart berries with creamy yogurt is a no-brainer but can lose its appeal over time. I keep it intriguing with a squeeze of floral honey and a touch of tangy balsamic. While adding the vinegar as-is is enough, sometimes I make a balsamic reduction on Sunday night to use on my yogurt throughout the week. Just add 1/2 cup vinegar to a small saucepan over medium heat and boil until reduced by half. (Don't walk away or you'll end up with a burnt mess.) The reduction can also add a sophisticated twist to lunch or dinner — I promise you won't tire of it even if it's on your plate twice a day.

Avocado and egg croissant

There's a bakery right by my office that makes the best croissants I've ever had. Some weeks, I pick up a handful to use for breakfast sandwiches throughout the week. One quick and filling option is to top the croissant with two sliced hard boiled eggs, half an avocado, and a heavy hand of freshly-cracked black pepper. While this four-ingredient sandwich is delicious on its own, I often add a thin layer of mayo or a few shakes of hot sauce — or both — to keep it interesting.

Bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese

I was starting to think of the bagel and cream cheese breakfast as overplayed — it's an option at every morning meeting and continental breakfast — until I glammed it up with sun-dried tomatoes and baby arugula. I love how the intensely zesty tomatoes and peppery greens combine with cream cheese to keep my taste buds captivated. Make it even easier by mixing chopped sun-dried tomatoes with cream cheese at the beginning of the week.

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