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How to make adorable turkey pudding cups

These adorable turkey pudding cups don’t take too long to make and are sure to be a favorite Thanksgiving treat. You can use a chocolate or butterscotch pudding, whichever is most popular in your home.

Turkey pudding cups

To make these pudding cups, start off by making the pudding. To make these quick and easy, I used instant pudding from a box. You can make your own homemade pudding if desired. Choose to use butterscotch or chocolate for these turkeys.

If you use the boxed variety, then combine the pudding mix and the milk. Whisk together until the pudding is well combined, and then allow the pudding to set in the fridge for 5 minutes.

Turkey pudding cups

While the pudding is setting, you can make the Oreo crust for these pies. Crush the Oreos in a blender or food processor, and add the crumbs to some sugar and melted butter. Mix everything together well, and press the mixture evenly into 6 ramekins.

Once the crusts are all set up, the pudding should be finished if you used the instant variety. Pour the pudding into a frosting bag fitted with a wide tip or into a plastic bag with the tip of a corner cut off. Pipe the pudding into the crusts to form an even and smooth “body” for the turkey.

Turkey pudding cups

I also used a butter knife after piping in the pudding to smooth things out and make it look prettier. Now it’s time to decorate your pudding and make it look like a turkey.

To start off, I like to position the “feathers” into the back of the pudding. The “feathers” are simply colored candy fish. Press the head sides of the fish candies into the chocolate pudding to secure them. Make sure to alternate the colors to give the turkey a bright appearance. I like doing 2 rows of the candies, but feel free to do just 1 if desired.

Turkey pudding cups

Next, remove the Milanos from the packaging, and separate the cookies onto a clean working space. Carefully frost the backs of 2 miniature chocolate chips, and secure them onto the cookie as shown below. These will be the turkey’s eyes. Next, frost the back of a Red Hots candy, and secure it below the eyes to form a mouth for the turkey.

Lastly, frost the back of a candy corn, and secure it to the right of the Red Hot to form the turkey’s wattle. Allow everything to completely dry and harden before moving the turkey’s “head” onto the body.

Turkey pudding cups

Once everything is dry, press the cookie onto the front middle of the pudding cup. And now your delicious turkey dessert is ready to be eaten.

Turkey pudding cups

If you don’t plan to eat these right away, then don’t put the “feather” candies and the decorated turkey face cookie into the pudding; save that for when you are ready to serve. Both the candies and the cookie will get very soggy if left on the pudding for long. Just assemble them right before serving.

Happy Turkey Day!

Turkey pudding cups

Turkey pudding cups recipe

These cute turkey pudding cups can be made with chocolate or butterscotch pudding. If you plan to make these beforehand, then make sure to not attach the cookies or the fish candies to the pudding until ready to serve. This keeps the cookies and candies from getting soggy.

Yields 6

Total time: 25 minutes


  • 32 Oreo cookies
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
  • 1/4 cup white sugar
  • 2 packages (4 serving size each) chocolate instant pudding
  • 2 cups cold whole milk
  • 1 package colored candy fish
  • 2 tablespoons frosting
  • 6 Milano cookies
  • 6 candy corns
  • 6 Red Hots
  • 12 miniature chocolate chips


  1. In a food processor or blender, crush the whole Oreos (no need to separate the cookies and cream) until they are fine crumbs.
  2. Mix in the melted butter and white sugar.
  3. Press the Oreo crusts evenly into 6 ramekins.
  4. Whisk together the chocolate instant pudding and whole milk. Place in the fridge to set for 5 minutes.
  5. Transfer the pudding mixture to a plastic bag. Cut off the tip of a corner of the bag, and pipe the pudding into the prepared crusts. Even out the pudding with a knife.
  6. Place the colored fish candies evenly in the back to form “turkey feathers.”
  7. Frost the bottoms of 2 miniature chocolate chips, and secure them onto the Milano to form eyes.
  8. Frost the bottom of the Red Hots candy, and secure it onto the Milano to form a mouth.
  9. Frost the bottom of the candy corn, and secure it onto the Milano to form a wattle.
  10. Press the prepared turkey “faces” into the pudding cups, in front of the “feathers.”
  11. Enjoy immediately, or store in the fridge.

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