10 Adults-only Halloween candies you won’t want to share

Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to stock up on the gourmet candy of your dreams.

You no longer have to suffer through drugstore-branded hard candy and those weird vanilla Tootsie Rolls to get to the good stuff. You can treat yourself to the finest Halloween bounty right off the bat.

1. Godiva Pumpkin Patch Truffle Flight

Godiva Pumpkin Patch Truffle Flight

Photo credit: Godiva

These elegant truffles feature silky milk chocolate wrapped around a luxurious pumpkin spice ganache. The festive pumpkin packaging seals the deal. (Godiva, $15)

2. Chocolate Skeleton Cameo Candy

Chocolate Skeleton Cameo Candy

Photo credit: Sugarfina

These are more than just candy — they’re art! That means you can totally justify having more than one… You’re a collector, after all. These dark chocolates are hand-painted to look like Victorian cameos, and the result is strikingly delicious. (Sugarfina, $3)

3. Ghost Lindor Truffles

Ghost Lindor Truffles

Photo credit: Lindt

The only thing scary about these truffles is how many of them you’ll probably eat in one sitting. Creamy milk chocolate with a white chocolate center makes these candies good enough to save for after the trick-or-treaters go home. (Lindt, $15)

4. Black Cat Mask Lollipop

Black Cat Mask Lollipop

Photo credit: Dean & Deluca

This hand-poured lollipop from Melville Candy is as sleek as Catwoman herself. Just say no to Dum Dums, and try one of these cherry-flavored beauties instead. (Dean & Deluca, $7)

5. Flavors of Fall Truffles

Flavors of Fall Truffles

Photo credit: Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

This selection of autumn-inspired truffles will make your Halloween sweeter than ever. Grab a glass of Champagne, and enjoy one of six flavors, including Molasses Plantation Caramel, Maple Walnut Mousse Truffle, Pecan Pie Truffle, Pfeffernusse Spice Truffle, Harvest Almond Praline Truffle and Pumpkin Pie Truffle. (Moonstruck Chocolate Co., $14)

6. Devil’s Delight Truffle Bar

Devil's Delight Truffle Bar

Photo credit: Seattle Chocolates

This devilishly delicious chocolate bar features salted pretzel bits and creamy peanut butter covered in Rainforest Alliance Certified dark chocolate, so you can feel good about splurging. (Seattle Chocolates, $4)

7. Ghost Truffles

 Ghost Truffles

Photo credit: DeBrand

These sweet ghost truffles are artfully draped in milk, white and dark chocolate so they look like they are confectionery apparitions floating in the wind. This gift set features one white chocolate-covered peanut butter truffle, two milk chocolate-covered raspberry truffles, one dark chocolate-covered caramel truffle and one milk chocolate “Happy Halloween” bar. (DeBrand, $18)

8. Dexter-Inspired “Blood Spatter” Marshmallows

Dexter-Inspired "Blood Spatter" Marshmallows

Photo credit: Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets

Yikes! These “blood”-spattered white chocolate marshmallows, covered with blood orange drizzle, look scary good. Since they’re inspired by Dexter, I’m sure you’ll kill the whole box in no time! (Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets, $15)

9. Crate of liquor-filled chocolate bottles

Crate of liquor-filled chocolate bottles

Photo credit: Candy Warehouse

Tucked away in an adorable crate, these autumn-hued, boozy chocolates look like they just fell off the hay truck. Unlike hay, these pack quite the punch and are filled with such adult-friendly flavors as Frangelico, Jim Beam and Cointreau. (Candy Warehouse, $10)

10. Bourbon Sugar Churro with Cajeta Marshmallows

Bourbon Sugar Churro with Cajeta Marshmallows

Photo credit: 240 Sweet

Eat them plain or in a steaming-hot mug of cocoa, but either way, these marshmallows are way too good for the kids. Bourbon-aged demerara sugar and Saigon cinnamon coat a succulent vanilla bean-goat’s milk puff. Who knew there was such a thing as a marshmallow too good for a s’more? (240 Sweet, $10)

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