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Our 25 favorite Halloween recipes for 2014

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without edible bloody Band-Aids, ominous black poison apples and something called an alien brain hemorrhage, would it? As far as we’re concerned, when you have an excuse to make the creepiest, spookiest, downright scary treats, you take it. We’re loving all these Halloween recipes and even threw in a few healthy options to help offset the candy overload a little.

Sweet treats

1. Black poison apples

black poison apples

Channel the evil queen from Snow White, and whip up a batch of poison apples.

2. Chocolate truffle spiders in an edible web

chocolate spiders in an edible web

These chocolate spiders in their edible cotton candy web are almost too cute to eat. Almost.

3. Graveyard brownie cake with zombie cookies

zombie brownie cake

The bloody zombie cookies in this brownie graveyard cake bring a whole new level of creepiness to dessert.

4. Creepy meringue mice

meringue mice

One look at the beady red eyes on these meringue mice, and your party guests might run screaming.

5. Bloody broken glass cupcakes

broken glass cupcakes

If you love cupcakes enough, a little bloody broken glass doesn’t matter, right?

6. Halloween candy cookie pizza

halloween candy cookie pizza

This cookie pizza is the perfect solution for all that leftover Halloween candy lying around.

7. Spooky deserted tree cupcakes

spooky deserted tree cupcakes

Use black licorice as an easy, edible spooky tree to top your Halloween cupcakes.

8. Black velvet Bundt cake with a colorful surprise inside

black velvet Bundt cake

We all love red velvet, but Halloween just calls for black velvet, doesn’t it?

9. Creepy spider chocolate chip cookies

spider chocolate chip cookies

It’s Halloween, so you should probably add spiders to your chocolate chip cookies.

10. Bloody Band-Aid brownies

bloody band-aid brownies

The kids will definitely get a kick out of these gross bloody Band-Aid brownies. Just make sure they don’t start putting actual bloody Band-Aids on their brownies.

11. Triple chocolate witch cupcakes

chocolate witch cupcakes

We know she’s trying to look scary and everything, but we think she’s actually a pretty cute witch. And these cupcakes are too.

12. Scary, hairy, baked doughnuts

scary hairy baked doughnuts

These doughnuts are definitely hairy, but we’re leaning more toward adorable than scary.

13. Candy corn cupcakes

candy corn cupcakes

Even if you hate candy corn, you’ll love these look-alike cupcakes.

14. Sugar skull cake pops

sugar skull cake pops

These sugar skull cake pops are a fun and easy treat, whether you’re making them for Halloween or a Dia de los Muertos celebration.

15. Creepy vampire doughnuts

no-bake vampire doughnuts

Not only are these just about the cutest vampire doughnuts ever, but they also get bonus points for being a no-bake treat.

Savory eats

16. Ghostly graveyard shepherd’s pies

ghost shepherd's pies

A hearty dinner of shepherd’s pies adorned with ghosts and tombstones is the perfect way to fuel up before hitting the streets for a long night of trick-or-treating.

17. Cheesy witch’s brooms

cheesy witch's brooms

Turn that boring string cheese into a witch’s broom snack in minutes.

18. Macaroni-filled spider bread bowl

spider bread bowl filled with macaroni

Every occasion calls for mac ‘n’ cheese, if you ask us. Serve it in a spider bread bowl as a creepy Halloween meal.

19. Spooky graveyard taco dip

graveyard taco dip

Halloween parties need food, and this graveyard taco dip is the perfect snack.

20. Pumpkin patch pretzels

pumpkin patch pretzels

Make salty and sweet pumpkin patch pretzels for a healthier snack option.

21. Spiderweb pumpkin soup

spiderweb pumpkin soup

Serve a big bowl of healthy pumpkin soup, complete with a creepy olive spider and sour cream web.

22. Candy corn-inspired fruit skewers

candy corn fruit skewers

After all that candy, you might want something a little healthier. But these fruit skewers are still candy corn-inspired, of course.

Spooky sips

23. Glow-in-the-dark cocktail

glow-in-the-dark cocktail

Every Halloween party needs glow-in-the-dark cocktails. It’s practically a requirement.

24. Alien brain hemorrhage

alien brain hemorrhage GIF

The award for most mesmerizing (and grossest) GIF goes to the alien brain hemorrhage cocktail. Cheers!

25. The Silver Ghost

the silver ghost

Photo credit: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

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