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Behold the magical life hack that is a candy-dispensing ice maker (VIDEO)

If there is anything more magical than candy coming out of an ice dispenser, I beg you to show it to me. Frankly, unicorns have nothing on actual candy shooting out of my freezer.
Reddit, sometimes I could just hug you. Every once in a while, you really go above and beyond in putting the most fantastic ideas on the internet right in my lap. And this time? I think you’ve outdone yourself. The candy dispensing ice maker, brought to you by dericpeace, is hands down the best life hack I’ve ever seen. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want candy coming out of the ice dispenser? I know I do.

Photo credit: Imgur

Don’t think it’s so practical? I beg to differ. You can chill any beverage with frozen M&Ms. That candy coating is bound to keep the chocolate from infusing your vodka soda, right? And when you’re done with cocktails, dessert is already taken care of. Win-win!

If you ask me, only good things come from a candy-filled ice dispenser.

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