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31 Recipes to make before October is over

We know fall is all pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, but don’t let that keep you away from other tasty seasonal ingredients. We’re loving these recipes this autumn, and we think you will too.


1. Breakfast naan pizza

breakfast pizza

Pizza for breakfast is always a good idea, but it’s even better when it’s loaded with eggs and sausage.

2. Caramel apple pumpkin and bourbon mascarpone waffles

apple pumpkin waffles

These pumpkin-apple waffles covered in bourbon caramel and mascarpone cheese could double as dessert, but we love them for a decadent fall breakfast.


3. Fall-inspired guacamole

fall guacamole

There should definitely be a guacamole for every season, and this one with herbs and pomegranate has fall written all over it.

4. 3 Deliciously all-natural flavored roasted squash seeds

roasted squash seeds

Squash seeds are the new pumpkin seeds, especially these sweet, savory and spicy versions.

5. Rustic fall vegetable galette

fall galette

A fall vegetable galette is like a savory pie. What’s not to love about that?


6. Cupcakes for lunch

cupcakes for lunch

Three words: Cupcakes for lunch. An entire meal turned into cupcakes. 3 savory + 1 sweet = best lunch ever.

7. Miniature veggie-filled macaroni and cheese cups

macaroni and cheese cups

Thank goodness these mini mac ‘n’ cheese cups are packed with veggies… we won’t feel so bad when we eat all 12 in one sitting.

8. Crispy tofu and kale pizza

kale and tofu pizza

This tofu and kale pizza looks a whole lot better than those frozen things you eat at your desk.

9. Chicken Caesar salad-stuffed pumpkin face

caesar salad stuffed pumpkin

If you’re going to eat chicken Caesar salad in October, it’d better be stuffed into a jack-o’-lantern.


10. One-pot orecchiette with sausage and peppers

one-pot sausage and peppers

Super-simple pasta with sausages and pepper? We call it a one-pot wonder for a reason.

11. Slow cooker Moroccan chowder

Slow cooker Moroccan chowder

Let the slow cooker do the work for an easy Moroccan chowder full of spices and flavor.

12. Hasselback rutabaga with garlic butter sauce

hasselback rutabaga

We’ve all had hasselback potatoes (yum), so why not hasselback rutabagas?

13. One-dish spicy enchilada quinoa casserole

one-pot enchilada quinoa casserole

That one little dish is the only thing you have to wash after this amazing enchilada quinoa casserole.

14. Seared scallops with bacon Brussels sprouts

scallops with brussels sprouts

Scallops seared in butter and bacon fat… oh, never mind. We don’t need to say anything else after bacon fat.

15. Spicy verde turkey chili over quinoa

verde chili over quinoa

It’s chili, but it’s switched up with quinoa and turkey and salsa verde. It’s like chili’s healthier cousin.

16. Spicy Sriracha udon noodle bowls

spicy sriracha udon noodle bowls

We can’t not include a recipe loaded with Sriracha. These udon noodle bowls are packed with veggies and spice.

17. Apple cider pulled chicken (with ideas for leftovers)

slow cooker apple cider chicken

The beauty of this slow cooker apple cider chicken (besides the lovely fall flavor) is that we’ve included two delicious recipes to make with the leftovers.

18. Black bean and mushroom posole

black bean posole

Don’t be afraid to go meatless every once in a while. This might not be your mama’s posole, but it’s really, really good.

19. Cauliflower buns

cauliflower buns

The perfect low-carb burger is within reach with these buns made out of cauliflower.

20. Easy 3-ingredient pizza dough

easy pizza dough

Seriously, this is the easiest pizza dough. Ever.

21. One-pot Asian beef and vegetable stew

asian beef stew

We do love our one-pot wonders, especially when it’s stew full of Asian veggies and tender beef.

22. Cream cheese meatball fettuccine

cream cheese meatball fettuccine

In just 30 minutes, this glorious bowl of cream cheese meatball fettuccine can be yours.

23. Roasted pumpkin quinoa bowl

roasted pumpkin quinoa

With pomegranate, spinach, roasted pumpkin and spicy feta, it’s a quinoa bowl begging to be eaten in the fall.


24. Pumpkin pie in a pumpkin

pumpkin pie in a pumpkin

Pumpkin pie in a pumpkin… it just makes sense.

25. Apple hand pie ice cream sandwich

apple hand pie ice cream sandwich

Pie a la mode is so passé, right? These apple pie ice cream sandwiches know where it’s at.

26. Browned butter pumpkin spice Rice Krispies treats

pumpkin spice rice krispies treats

If you think Rice Krispies treats are just for kids, think again. Brown butter and pumpkin spice elevate these marshmallow treats to a whole new level.

27. White chocolate raspberry mug cake

white chocolate raspberry mug cake

For those rare occasions that you want a single serving of cake, mug cake is the way to go.

28. Gluten-free pear, honey and hazelnut tart

gluten-free pear tart

Pear, honey and hazelnuts combine in one beautiful gluten-free tart.


29. Starbucks copycat iced chai latte

starbucks copycat chai latte

You can stay in your PJs longer if you make copycat Starbucks iced chai lattes at home.

30. Slow cooker hot chocolate

slow cooker hot chocolate

Make a big batch of hot chocolate in the slow cooker and sip all day long. Don’t forget the Nutella or the cookie butter. Mmm.

31. Red wine-poached pear Bellini

red wine-poached pear bellini

This red-wine poached pear Bellini might just be the most gorgeous cocktail you’ll see all season.

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