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DIY costumes foodies will go nuts for (hint: one is kale)

Being a foodie is a year-round commitment, but it can be especially difficult to find a witty Halloween costume during prime pumpkin-spice-everything season.


t I’ve compiled a list of seven foodie-friendly Halloween costumes that you can easily DIY. So head to your local craft store and get started.

Wheat belly


t Supplies necessary: wheat stalks/bunches (available at local craft store or neighborhood farm), fabric glue or sewing supplies, yellow/brown plain T-shirt and a small decorative pillow (circular if possible).

t Instructions: Glue or sew wheat stalks onto shirt, the more the better. Stuff pillow into shirt to create a “belly.” Yell at everyone to go gluten-free or perish.

Guy Fieri


t Supplies necessary: iron-on/stick-on flame appliques (alternative, puffy paint in flame colors, or bedazzler beads in flame colors), fabric glue or sewing supplies, vintage bowling shirt, white temporary hair color in spray can (alternative, spiked white wig), temporary facial hair (alternative, real life facial hair) and skull/chrome jewelry.

t Instructions: Iron or stick on the flame appliques vertically down the striping of the vintage bowling shirt. Apply temporary hair color spray. Grow a goatee, or if you are a female, apply brown or black eyeliner in the form of a goatee. Every time you eat something, tell them that you’re “taking a ride to Flavortown.”



t Supplies necessary: green leotard (alternative, green T-shirt and green shorts), fabric glue or sewing supplies, kale with sturdy stalks (doesn’t work if already pre-packaged, doesn’t matter if it’s organic), therapy band that fits around waist and facts about brassicas.

t Instructions: Glue or sew kale to the fabric by the stalks. Tie therapy band around your waist (optional, write “organic” on the band). Be prepared to be smelly all night and aware that no one will like you. Tell everyone to eat you; give nutritional facts if they are hesitant.



t Supplies necessary: farmers market-branded cloth shopping bag full of leafy produce, blank T-shirt, fabric markers or puffy paint and a chicken (can be real or fake).

t Instructions: Paint “I Heart Farmers” on your shirt with fabric marker. Carry chicken and bag of produce around all night. Only eat candy or food if it is from a local company within 10 miles of the party.

GMO corn


t Supplies necessary: yellow blank T-shirt, black fabric marker or puffy paint and zombie face paint (alternative, can be easily achieved by regular makeup such as dark eyeshadow, red lipstick, eyeliner).

t Instructions: Create a repeating corn kernel print design using fabric marker on yellow shirt. Apply zombie face paint. Yell “Monsanto did this to me” and scare the children.

Cage-free eggs


t Supplies necessary: white blank T-shirt, yellow fabric or felt fabric square (8 x 8-inch minimum), fabric glue or sewing supplies and handcuffs cut in half.

t Instructions: Create an “egg” costume by sewing or gluing a large circular piece of yellow felt onto the white shirt. Put handcuffs on. Run around saying “I’m free!”

Food blogger



t Supplies necessary: laptop, high-end digital camera with optional strap, optional lighting supplies (such as a handheld flash), fabric marker or puffy paint, blank T-shirt and business cards.

t Instructions: Write “Will Write For Food” on T-shirt. Hand out business cards with your blog name. Spend a minimum of 15 minutes taking photos of every piece of candy you receive with proper lighting. Tell people you are important.

t P.S.: No points for going as the Vegan Black Metal Chef. That’s too obvious.

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