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Pumpecapple piecake: The dessert of your Thanksgiving dreams


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This Thanksgiving, just say no to boring pumpkin or plain apple pies.

There’s an alternative that makes sure everyone gets the post-turkey pie (or cake) fix they so desire — the pumpecapple piecake.

Pumpkin apple cake

Photo credit: 3 Brothers Bakery

Coming in at 23.5 pounds (make sure you don’t try to eat it yourself!), this borderline-obscene dessert combines three layers of cake that have pies baked into them. Because cream filling is so passé, I guess?

Pumpkin pie is baked into a spice cake, pecan pie is baked into a chocolate cake and apple pie is baked into yet another spice cake to round the whole thing out. If you ask me, this sounds even better than a six-layer cereal cake.

Pie Wedge

Photo credit: 3 Brothers Bakery

It’s the sort of dessert that will either take up all the room in your fridge for days, or be the cause of a massive food hangover the day after your Thanksgiving feast. While it may make you pack on a few pounds, it’ll leave your wallet feeling lighter — this once-in-a-lifetime dessert comes in at $175. Of course, if that’s too rich for your blood, you could always try making your own pie-stuffed cake at home.

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