This 6-layer cereal cake is a flavor extravaganza of dreams

Oct 17, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

If you ever have trouble deciding which cereal to eat for breakfast, then have we got the cake for you.

Yeah, you read that right — we're talking six-layer cereal cake here. What kind of culinary madman would think of such a thing? None other than Charles Phoenix, creator of the Cherpumple. His bizarre layer cake contains pretty much every flavor under the sun. Six breakfast cereals (the junky kind my mom let me have only on special occasions) are soaked in milk and then folded into a corresponding cake batter.

cereal cake

Photo credit: WENN

So what flavor combos are we talking about?

Try Cocoa Puffs with White Cake, Apple Jacks with Spice Cake, Trix with Blue Velvet Cake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Yellow Cake, Froot Loops with Red White Cake and Peanut Butter Crunch with Chocolate Cake. The cake is so big it seems like it would actually be kind of hard to eat all the flavors at once (which is a good thing, in my opinion — TBH the thought of Trix and Peanut Butter Crunch together makes me want to hurl), but it sure does look pretty.

The frosting is decorated with Lucky Charms marshmallows and Cocoa Puffs for an extra dose of thematic sweetness.

Personally I'm a pie girl (controversial, I know!), but if you've got a thing for creative cakes, then I think this one just might hit the spot.

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