21 Spooky Halloween cocktails to celebrate in style

Oct 25, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. ET
Image: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

These spooky spirits will get you and your party guests in the holiday spirit.

1. Touch of evil martini

touch of evil martini

Credit: Wanderlust and Lipstick

Channel your inner evil genius while conjuring up the touch of evil martini, a lychee "eyeball"-topped Chambord and black vodka concoction.

2. Spiked ghost and monster Halloween cocktail recipes

spiked monster halloween cocktail

Credit: Just Dip It in Chocolate

Vodka, Kahlua, ice cream and whipped cream combine to bring these creatures — spiked ghost and monster Halloween cocktails — to life.

3. Witch's brew punch recipe

witch's brew punch

There's little toil and little trouble to summon forth this cauldron's bubbly — witch's brew punch, made from lemonade, limeade, sparkling water, rum and your culinary wiles. Hint: Store dry ice near the punch to give it this haunted, foggy effect.

4. Candy corn cocktail recipe

candy corn cocktail recipe

Credit: Tammilee Tips

Serve up the quintessential colors and candy (likeness) of Halloween with the candy corn cocktail recipe.

5. True Blood vampire-rimmed cocktail glasses

Vampire blood rimmed cocktail glass

Credit: instructables

Cloak your cocktail glasses in True Blood-inspired vampire blood drippings, and pour the poison of your victim's choosing.

6. Color-changing Halloween cocktail recipe

halloween color changing cocktail

Not afraid of a Halloween haunt? Dim the lights, and pour your Halloween party guests color-changing cocktails.

7. Pumpkin pie martini recipe

Credit: Dishin' with Di

Have fun perfecting this pumpkin pie martini recipe before serving it at your Halloween party.

8. Flaming s'mores cocktail recipe

flaming s'mores cocktail recipe

Credit: tablespoon

Serving up these flaming s'mores cocktails will be the trick and the treat of your Halloween party.

9. Candy-infused cocktail recipes

Candy cocktails

Garnished with sugar and candies, there's nothing ghoulish about these cocktails infused with sweets. Try one or all three options: Skittles, Sour Patch Kids and candy corn.

10. Flaming zombie cocktail recipe


Credit: Expert Village/YouTube

Awaken the walking dead with one of these flaming zombie rum cocktails.

11. Mr. Hyde potion recipe

mr. hyde potion

Credit: HGTV

Even the most monstrous of guests will fall victim to Mr. Hyde potion's blackberry liqueur and lavender syrup charms.

12. Crimson Halloween punch with frozen ice hands recipe

halloween punch with frozen hand

Credit: Cook, Shoot, Eat...a food photographer's journey

Hands up if you'd like to know how to make this Halloween punch spiked with vodka and a "bloody" hand.

13. Pumpkin margarita recipe

pumpkin margarita

Credit: Sweet Life

Pumpkin-flavored is the only variety of margarita that will do for Halloween. And will you really let your guests do without the experience?

14. Halloween eyeballs for cocktails

Halloween cocktail eyeball garnishes

Credit: Good Cocktails

These lychee eyeball garnishes for Halloween cocktails are guaranteed to either fright or delight your guests.

15. Shrunken heads in spiced cider recipe

shrunken heads in spiced cider

Credit: girlichef

What could be creepier or sweeter than this hot spiced cider with shrunken heads? Serve spiked to your choosing.

16. Pumpkin nog recipe

pumpkin nog

Credit: Liquor.com

Break out the eggnog early to make pumpkin nog — you'll be glad you did.

17. Vampire blood martini recipe

vampire blood martini recipe

Credit: the kitchn

You'll want to suck the blood orange juice (and pomegranate juice and vodka) out of this vampire blood martini.

18. Alien brain hemorrhage

alien brain hemorrhage shot

With the alien brain hemorrhage, Baileys is paired with grenadine, blue curaçao and peach schnapps for a disturbingly delicious Halloween shot.

19. Vampire kiss martini

vampire kiss martini

Credit: Delish

Put black licorice, wax teeth (and fangs), vodka, Chambord and Champagne to good use for the vampire kiss martini.

20. El esqueleto verde cocktail recipe for Dia de los Muertos

Credit: The Savory/YouTube

The perfect way to top off Halloween and plunge into Dia de los Muertos? With the green spirit known as el esqueleto verde.

21. The Silver Ghost

the silver ghost

Credit: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

This spooky and creative cocktail is easy to make. Take 2 ounces of The Owl's Brew Pink & Black (a unique cocktail mixer made with Darjeeling tea and hibiscus), 1 ounce Captain Morgan's White Rum (released earlier this year) and a sprig of fresh basil. Just make sure you twist the basil leaf over your cocktail for an added dose of flavor.

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