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What really happens to a fast-food burger after 30 days? (VIDEO)


SheKnows Editorial

You’ve heard rumors about burgers that never spoil, and now you can see them with your own eyes.
Buzzfeed put together a video showing how seven different fast-food burgers age over the course of 30 days, and the results were actually surprising to me.

Most of the burgers did spoil or at least have some mold growing on the bun. I was expecting a space-age, frozen-in-time type scenario, where all the chosen subjects remained the same throughout the 30 days thanks to the hearty dose of preservatives and GMO-laden ingredients coursing through each patty, cheese slice and bun.

Luckily there was one burger that did not disappoint, and as I’m sure many of you can guess, it was from McDonald’s. If you’ve ever had a Mickey D’s burger, then you are probably familiar with the dry, leathery texture of the burger and airy, flavorless bun. I can only imagine what else goes into those babies to make them so utterly un-burgerlike, but whatever it is, it keeps them looking as fresh as a daisy even after 30 days. I wish I could say eating one of them had the same effect on me.

The good news is that the top-quality (for fast food, at least) burgers got some raunchy mold coverage. I take this as proof that their ingredients are fresher, so you can at least use that as an excuse the next time a craving kicks in.

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