15 Adorably edible Halloween costumes for babies and kids

These babies and kids in food-themed Halloween costumes look good enough to eat.

Looking for inspiration for your child’s Halloween costume this year? We searched Twitter, Instagram and Flickr for food for thought and came across more than a dozen kinds of outfits for any taste. Get some ideas on how to dress your little one up as candy, comfort food, condiments and more.

1. Burrito baby costume

2. Bacon costume

3. Hamburger baby costume

4. Ice cream costume

“Cassy Won BEST COSTUME #Baby’s Category #candylandtrickorttreat #IceCreamCostume #gymboreeclass #11thMonth #CongratsBaby #proudtita #loved #itsmechyng12”

ice cream halloween costume for kids

Photo credit: Instagram/crdmodulio

5. Candy corn baby costume

Candy corn baby costume

Photo credit: Emmanuelle Bourgue/Flickr

What’s not to love about this costume inspired by the quintessential Halloween sweet, the candy corn?

6. Fried eggs and toast costume

7. Popcorn costume

8. Pizza and chef costumes

Pizza and chef costumes

Photo credit: Derek Dysart/Flickr

What a perfect Halloween combo for foodie kids: a pizza masterpiece and the chef who makes it all happen in the kitchen.

9. Hot dog baby costume

Hot dog baby costume

Photo credit: Olaf Gradin/Flickr

Hot diggity dog! This bite-sized hot dog looks deliciously delightful!

10. KFC Colonel Sanders costume

11. Lobster baby costume

Lobster baby costume

Photo credit: galen/Flickr

Admit it, lobster never looked so good!

12. Cupcake costume

Cupcake costume

Photo credit: James Bastow/Flickr

This cupcake topper takes the cake!

13. Pea pod baby costume

 Pea pod baby costume

Photo credit: Jason Coleman/Flickr

There’s only so long your child will willingly be dressed up as a precious pea pod for Halloween. Parents of infants and toddlers: Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

14. Ketchup and mustard costumes

Ketchup and mustard costumes

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks/Flickr

Another classic pair for food lovers: ketchup and mustard!

15. Doughnut baby costume

“Crazy to think it was 9 weeks ago we took this little monster home #tbt #throwbackthursday #lovesdonuts #kidrobot #donutbaby”

donut baby costume

Photo credit: Instagram/awinedesign

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