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14 Insanely adorable foodie pet costumes for Halloween

Halloween treats and eats aren’t just for humans. Dogs, cats and small pets can get in on the food and fun of the holiday too — in costume!

Thinking about dressing up your pet this year for Halloween? More specifically, have you thought about buying your cat, dog or small pet a food-themed outfit? You’re not alone. From fruits and veggies to condiments, candy and comfort foods, there are so many to choose from, so we’ve narrowed down the selection to this list. Go ahead, give in to your holiday cravings.

1. Cupcake pet costume

cupcake pet costume

Photo credit: Target

Just think how delicious your pup will look decked out in sprinkles, pink frosting and a cherry on top in this sweet cupcake costume. (Target, $16)

2. Bacon pet costume

bacon pet costume

Photo credit: Costume Express

Is savory more to your — or your pet’s — liking? Everybody will be begging to give your little bacon-costumed pal a treat. (Costume Express, $20)

3. Carrot costume for cats

carrot costume for cats

Photo credit: Etsy

Healthy and homemade more your — or your pet’s — style? Then share some veggies and dip as well as the company of your carrot-topped cat with your Halloween party guests. (Etsy, $17)

4. Taco dog costume

taco dog costume

Photo credit: Petco

Trick or taco? Obviously tacos! In this taco costume for dogs, your pup will be the tastiest thing in sight on Halloween. (Petco, $20)

5. Heinz mustard pet costume

heinz mustard pet costume

Photo credit: Halloween Express

The best spread for Halloween pups who like to keep things a little spicy? Mustard, of course. Top your dog in this mustard costume for pets. (Halloween Express, $23)

6. Heinz ketchup pet costume

Heinz ketchup pet costume

Photo credit: Halloween Express

Pass the ketchup, please. Your pet will be 57 varieties of awesome in this Heinz ketchup costume. (Halloween Express, $18)

7. Pumpkin small-pet costume

pumpkin pet costume

Photo credit: PetSmart

No Halloween menu would be complete without a pumpkin dish. Want what this little guy’s having? Check out this pumpkin costume for small pets (intended for guinea pigs and other small animals). (PetSmart, $2)

8. Chiquita banana costume for pets

chiquita banana costume for pets

Photo credit: Kohl’s

If this won’t be the bright spot of your celebration, what will? Your little guy will look amazing dressed as a Chiquita banana. (Kohl’s, $18)

9. Lobster dog Halloween costume

lobster dog halloween costume

Photo credit: Baxter Boo

You just can’t deprive your dog (or yourself) of a lobster costume Halloween portrait like this one. (Baxter Boo, $18-27)

10. The great cheeseburger cat hat

cheeseburger cat costume

Photo credit: Etsy

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Just because cats know better than to put up with full-body costumes doesn’t mean dogs get to have all the fun. Try this cheeseburger cat hat on for size. (Etsy, $30)

11. “Hot Diggity Dog” costume

hot dog costume for dogs

Photo credit: EntirelyPets

You can’t mess with a classic: the hot dog costume for dogs, which is an especially adorable look for wiener dogs. (EntirelyPets, $13)

12. Sushi pet costume

sushi pet costume

Photo credit:

Did somebody order takeout? Yes, please! Want in on the action? Get a sushi pet costume to go. Ask for a doggie bag. (Amazon, $18)

13. Tootsie Roll dog costume

tootsie roll costume for dogs

Photo credit: Kohl’s

Who will go home with more candy — you or your dog dressed in a Tootsie Roll costume? (Kohl’s, $20)

14. Carmen Miranda cat hat

Carmen Miranda cat hat costume for Halloween

Photo credit: Etsy

Your kitty will score points for good looks and originality in this Carmen Miranda-inspired cat hat. (Etsy, $30)

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