15 Ways to get way more Sriracha in your life

Sriracha sauce might be slowly taking over the world, and I’m OK with that, even if Alton Brown says it’s a ridiculously overused ingredient. (I know, gasp, right?)

But the trendy hot sauce is finding its way into all kinds of products, making it easier than ever to satisfy your spice craving. Whether it’s happy hour, dinner or dessert, these are 15 of the best ways to infuse your day with more Sriracha sauce.

1. Sriracha beer

rogue sriracha beer

Image: Rogue

Sriracha-infused beer: probably one of those things that’s a whole lot better going in than coming out, if you catch my drift. (rogue.com, $13)

2. Sriracha lip balm

sriracha lip balm

Image: Amazon

Gloss with caution… Reviewers say this lip balm burns a little and makes your lips tingle. (amazon.com $8)

3. Sriracha sugar

sriracha sugar

Image: SugaredSpiceShop/Etsy

Spicy sugar might actually be the trick to tempting this non-baker into making a batch of cookies. (etsy.com, $9)

4. Sriracha salt

sriracha salt

Image: stiffsalt/Etsy

As a heavy-handed salter and spicer, I wholeheartedly endorse Sriracha salt. (etsy.com, $8)

5. Sriracha ketchup

heinz Sriracha ketchup

Image: Heinz

If you’re like me, you mix your ketchup and Sriracha together anyway, so one bottle of the new Heinz Sriracha ketchup replaces two bottles in your fridge. (select retailers, $3)

6. Sriracha mayo

sriracha mayo

Image: Amazon

You’ve got the ketchup, you might as well have the mayo too. There’s another condiment you won’t have to buy separately anymore. (amazon.com, $3)

7. Sriracha candy canes

sriracha candy canes

Image: Amazon

Unless you want to surprise your toddler, these candy canes should probably go at the top of the tree. (amazon.com, $10)

8. Sriracha bacon jerky

sriracha bacon jerky

Image: Amazon

I can’t think of any two words I would rather see together than Sriracha and bacon. Thank you, Trader Joe’s. (amazon.com, $13)

9. Sriracha marshmallows

sriracha marshmallows

Image: HappyCamperMallows/Etsy

Mmm… spicy s’mores. (etsy.com, $7)

10. Sriracha popcorn

sriracha popcorn

Image: Amazon

This is the kind of snack where you eat the whole bag in one sitting, “accidentally.” (amazon.com, $8)

11. Sriracha Pringles

sriracha pringles

Image: Amazon

I’m hoping that for $8, this can of Pringles is also gilded in gold. (amazon.com, $8)

12. Sriracha burger

sriracha burger

Image: Jack in the Box

Because when that 2 a.m. craving for a greasy, spicy burger hits, you’ve got to be able to scratch that itch. (Jack in the Box, $4)

13. Sriracha peas

sriracha peas

Image: Amazon

Like wasabi peas but better, according to reviews. (amazon.com, $8)

14. Sriracha licorice

sriracha licorice

Image: Sugar Plum Chocolates

They’re called Devil Whips, which is reason enough to buy them. (sugar-plum.com, $7)

15. Sriracha vodka

sriracha vodka

Image: UV Vodka

A bottle of this vodka at a frat party seems like a really, really bad idea. I predict many double dog dares. (select retailers, prices vary)

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