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Flask Mittens are about to make winter a lot more fun


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From sporting events to boring town hall meetings, we’ve all been to events that could use some liquid improvement.

Unfortunately these days a classic flask just won’t cut it when you’re looking to sneak some chardonnay into a PTA meeting to share with the other moms. Luckily there are some sleek and subtle options that have stepped up to the plate to help you out the next time you want to spice up the more boring items on your calendar.

1. Flask Mittens

Flask Mittens

Photo credit: Perpetual Kid

Stay warm on your next trip to the skating rink, inside and out. The Mitten Flask from Perpetual Kid features a 3-ounce flask on one hand, just enough to keep out the cold.

2. The WineRack Bra Flask

The WineRack Bra Flask

Photo credit: Sneaky Drinking Headquarters

When 3 ounces just won’t cut it, or if mittens would look a little strange at the beach, then you can turn to the WineRack Bra Flask. The WineRack holds up to 750 milliliters — an entire bottle of wine — and when it’s full, its contents will enhance more than just your mood.

3. The Beerbelly

The Beer Belly

Photo credit: The Beerbelly

The Beerbelly packs even more punch for longer events or those that are just really, really boring. Sport it as a beer belly or baby bump — just be careful to not have too much fun.

4. The Wine Sack

The Wine Sack

Photo credit: UncommonGoods

The Wine Sack is ideal for fancier occasions — dinner at a BYOB restaurant, outdoor concerts in the summer, Shakespeare in the park, a shopping trip to Bloomie’s, etc. It’s big enough to fit an entire box of wine, and if you’re into white, there’s room for some ice packs to keep everything chilled.

With these four items at your disposal, you can make sure it’s 5 o’clock everywhere you go.

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