15 creepy eats just for The Walking Dead fans

6. Feetloaf

Get it? Meatloaf, but it’s feet? Oh man, it just never gets old. This gross-out treat is pretty darn easy to make. Just shape meatloaf into feet, use chopped onion for toenails, and top with onion slices covered in ketchup for the… um… you know.

7. Homemade saganaki recipe

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Fire doesn’t play as much of a part in The Walking Dead as it does in some zombie films, in which the shambling undead are quite flammable. Still, it never hurts to have some boozy, melty cheese at your meal, and should a zombie attack, you may find flame to be quite a deterrent.

8. Beef tenderloin kebabs recipe

beef tenderloin kabobs
Image: Carolyn Stalnaker/SheKnows

Continuing with the food-as-weapons theme, we’ll remember a time when kebabs were actually made from metal blades and serve beef kebabs. They’re delicious, and the skewers left over will give you a chance — albeit a small one — at staving off an attack.

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9. Grilled fruit kebabs with a honey, mint and citrus sauce recipe

grilled fruit kabobs
Image: Carolyn Stalnaker/SheKnows

Here’s a second way to arm eaters with small, pointy, anti-zombie sticks and deliciousness. However, this particular defense is extra fruity and can be served for dessert.

10. Spicy kimchee burger recipe

kimchi burger
Image: SheKnows

So, in The Walking Dead and several other zombie movies, the undead hunt by scent. All the spice in these burgers will hopefully make you smell so strong that the zombies will have no choice but to run away. If that doesn’t work, though, then you might smell so strong that the zombies can’t help but find you…

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