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The official Cronut recipe is here, and it’s as insanely difficult as you thought


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The official at-home Cronut recipe has finally been released, and it’s a doozy.

Looking over the ingredient list, I’m starting to understand why so many people are willing to wait in line for one of Dominique Ansel’s now-legendary pastries.

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For one, waiting in line for six hours is just a fraction of the time you would have to spend actually making these puppies at home.

It’s a three-day process, and one that requires a fair amount of actual work. You have to make ganache, dough, glaze and flavored sugar. The dough has to be mixed, chilled, laminated, cut, fried and assembled. There are multiple chilling and proofing times, and my guess is that by the time you’ve actually managed to produce a finished Cronut, you’ll be too tired to even enjoy it. Maybe just dip a croissant into some frosting and call it a day?

That said, if you’re a serious home baker with a lot of time on your hands (like, 72 hours to be precise), the recipe does sound delicious. Ganache options include vanilla-rose and Champagne-chocolate, the flavored sugars boast maple and orange, and rose glaze and lemon glaze certainly sound tasty.

The daring among you can check out the recipe here and decide if you’re up for the challenge. The rest of you? Well, you can always join me on a field trip to Jack in the Box.

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