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31 Recipes to make you fall for your slow cooker all over again

Main dish

Spaghetti and meatballs

Spaghetti isn’t hard to make without a slow cooker, but using yours makes this easy dish even easier to put on the table.

Buffalo chicken sliders

This spicy sandwich meat cooks in a slow cooker, so all you have to do is shred it up and toss in a homemade sauce.

Cherry Coke beef carnitas

Carnitas are hard to turn down on their own, but made with Cherry Coke, they’re impossible to resist.

Potato, sauerkraut and spareribs

It doesn’t have to be New Year’s to enjoy this easy and delicious dish.

Barbecue chicken

Barbecue chicken doesn’t actually have to be barbecued. In fact, it tastes great straight from the slow cooker.

Sticky honey teriyaki chicken

This spicy, fruity twist on your basic teriyaki is something the whole family will love. It makes a ton, so use it for more than one dinner throughout the week.

Chicken fajitas

Chicken fajitas aren’t only served on sizzling plates at your favorite restaurant. You can make them at home with ease with this great recipe.

Tex-Mex sloppy Joe

You might have thought sloppy Joes couldn’t get any easier, but you were wrong.


This easy Italian dish is truly a fix-it-and-forget-it meal. Toss a few simple ingredients into the slow cooker and walk away until it’s time to eat.

Chicken tacos

Let the chicken cook all day in the slow cooker, so all you have to do is fold it into a tortilla with your favorite toppings.

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