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Disney just took your wedding cake to an epic level

OK, I don’t want to oversell this, but I am pretty sure Disney just took the average amazing wedding cake to a whole other level. Sure, you can have your eight-tiered chocolate ganache fresh rose petal masterpiece, but it will never live up to the amazing display from Disney’s new “cake projection mapping.”

This cake was shown at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Expo and will set you back a whopping $12,000. In fact, you can only really get one of these babies if you sign up for one of Disney’s Wishes Collection wedding packages, but can we just talk about how this is the best thing ever right now?
I’ve never been so fortunate as to have to make a decision on wedding cakes, but if it were up to me, all future weddings would feature custom-designed cakes with gorgeous projections. Forget that boring video or slideshow of the bride and groom’s life together — how about getting it projected onto a delicious cake instead?

This really is the cake that will destroy all other wedding cakes.

Whether you are married, currently shopping for a wedding cake or happily single, watch this video, and tell me it isn’t the single most amazing thing you’ve ever seen. Sure, it will probably be ridiculously overdone in about five years, but for now, let’s have our fairy tale projected cakes and eat them too.

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