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Our 20 most-pinned chicken recipes, ever!


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Chicken doesn’t need to be boring, and our 20 most-pinned chicken recipes prove it.

Check out our most Pinterest-popular chicken recipes. From Korean wings to Mason jar chicken salad, you’ll never feel panicked at the sight of your freezer full of chicken again.

Snacks and starters

1. Ways to cure your Buffalo craving

Ways to cure your buffalo craving

The spicy tang of Buffalo sauce is the perfect accompaniment to chicken. These recipes mix things up for the classic duo, with dishes like Buffalo chicken dip and Buffalo wonton cups.

2. Chicken salad, 3 ways

Chicken salad three ways

Creamy and cool chicken salad is the perfect base for these zesty ingredients.

3. Korean fried chicken wings

Korean fried chicken wings

Sticky, salty and sweet, these bombshell Korean wings will knock the socks off your friends and family.

4. Chicken and cheese tortellini soup

Chicken and cheese tortellini soup

This creamy, dreamy soup feels luxurious but is surprisingly easy to make.

5. Holiday rolls and pinwheels

Holiday rolls and pinwheels

Pinwheels are the perfect finger food for parties. Try this Buffalo chicken ranch wrap version at your next soiree.

6. 15 Foods to put into a Mason jar

15 foods to put in a mason jar

Mason jars are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why — they’re as cute as they are convenient. Why not plan a picnic and bring along this tasty Mason jar pineapple, chicken and potato salad?

7. Easy tea sandwiches for a party

Easy tea sandwiches for a party

Tiny bread makes everything seem fancier, including these simple but delicious apple-chicken salad sandwiches.


8. Lemon herb chicken and potatoes

Lemon herb chicken and potatoes

A splash of lemon instantly brightens up this classic chicken and potato dish.

9. Easy and delicious chicken Marsala recipe

Easy and delicious chicken Marsala recipe

Chicken Marsala is a classic for a reason. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you’ve got to check out our recipe.

10. Chicken taco pitas

Chicken taco pitas

If you’re tired of your usual taco Tuesday fare, then try these chicken tacos, which use soft, tender pita bread instead of tortillas.

11. Top 21 savory grilling recipes

Top 21 savory grilling recipes

Something magical happens to chicken when it’s put on the grill. Don’t believe me? Try these tantalizing spinach-feta chicken burgers with rosemary mayo.

12. Easy Asian turkey skillet

Easy Asian turkey skillet

This zesty Asian skillet works just as well with chicken as it does with turkey.

13. Cornish game hen, 6 ways

Cornish game hen – six ways

Did you know that Cornish game hens are just a small breed of chicken? They taste similar to regular chicken but feel a whole lot fancier. Try them out in one of these six ways.

14. What is clean eating and recipes to get you started

 What is clean eating and recipes to get you started

Chicken is a great option if you’re interested in clean eating. Start with an organic bird, then experiment with healthy flavors, like the exotic lime and coconut in this braised chicken recipe.

15. Grilling recipes made easier

Grilling recipes made easier

Food on the grill always tastes better, and these tips — like cooking chicken in foil to keep the grill clean — make it easier than ever.

16. 3 Ways to use balsamic vinegar

3 Ways to use balsamic vinegar this summer

Sweet and tangy balsamic vinegar can make even the most humdrum dinner taste like a four-star affair. Try using it as a marinade in this vanilla balsamic chicken recipe.

17. Grilled Greek chicken pitas with simple tzatziki sauce

17. Grilled Greek chicken pitas with simple tzatziki sauce recipe

These light, fresh Greek chicken pitas are a simple yet flavorful dinner, perfect any time of year.

18. Smothered chicken

Tonight's Dinner: Smothered chicken

This chicken dinner is a little decadent and a lot delicious, using mozzarella cheese as an accent to sautéed veggies and chicken.

19. Homemade chicken nuggets

Tonight's dinner: Homemade chicken nuggets

Finally, chicken nuggets parents can like just as much as kids do. These are made with just five ingredients, a far cry from the mystery meat you’d get at a fast-food joint.

20. Fast-fix dinner: Casseroles

Fast fix dinner: Casseroles

Even if you’re short on time, you can throw together a creamy, comforting dish like this chicken and biscuit casserole. Your taste buds will thank you.

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