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What a human flesh burger tastes like (VIDEO)

How much do people love The Walking Dead? Answer: A lot.


They love the hit AMC zombie drama so much that they have found some pretty odd ways of celebrating. A kooky cooking duo in London may have kicked things up to an out-weirdable level with their newest offering. To celebrate the return of the show, they have created a hamburger that’s supposed to taste like a zombie’s favorite snack: Human flesh! Barf, barf and then maybe barf again.

Uh, that’s funny and awesome or whatever but here’s my question — How do they know what people taste like? The duo says that they haven’t sampled any human beings themselves, so not to worry. They’ve just done a lot of literary research, reading up on quotes from people who have sampled the other-other white meat.

The burgers are made of veal, bone marrow and chicken livers which are meant to closely resemble the taste and texture of people. No actual people were eaten in the making of these burgers (we hope).

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