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9 Favorite classic American comfort foods

It is no surprise why we love comfort food like macaroni and cheese, fried chicken and casseroles. They are delicious and full of simple ingredients that take us back to a more simple time. If you are ready to dive into nostalgic yumminess, check out our roundup of the best American comfort food recipes.

Homemade chicken noodle soup

bread bowl chicken noodle soup

Whether you are under the weather, need cheering up or are ready for a warm bowl of soup after a chilly winter day, homemade chicken noodle soup always does the trick. This chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl recipe seriously raises the “yum” factor. Grab your comfy pants, watch your favorite rom-com and enjoy this homemade chicken noodle soup.

Mac ‘n’ cheese

mac n cheese

No comfort food roundup would be complete without the cheesy goodness of macaroni and cheese. This food always brings back memories of eating lunch in your mother’s kitchen. If you can believe it, this comfort food just got upgraded with this recipe for baked gnocchi mac ‘n’ cheese. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Fried chicken

Gluten-free fried chicken

We love grilled, baked and blackened chicken, but America’s favorite way to cook this comfort food is by frying it. Check out this gluten-free fried chicken recipe that won’t make you miss traditional breading, or go super untraditional with a red velvet fried chicken recipe. Either way, you’ll be in fried chicken heaven.

Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup

Tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons

There is something about the creamy taste of the grilled cheese combined with the rich flavor of tomato soup that makes us nostalgic for a simpler time. We made it even simpler by directly adding grilled cheese croutons to this tomato-basil soup. Uh, yeah, you’re going to love it.

Cheeseburger casserole

Cheeseburger casserole

Casseroles have long been a comfort food favorite because not only do they make a hearty and delicious meal, but they are contained all in pot — and nothing is as comforting as an empty dishwasher. This Cheeseburger casserole recipe is one of our favorites because it combines our other favorite comfort food — cheeseburgers.

Cornbread Chili

Cornbread chili

A hearty bowl of chili is a nostalgic favorite. Everyone has their own family recipe; however this version might become your new favorite because it is topped with homemade cornbread. Why just have one comfort food when you can combine two? Get ready to pass out this chili casserole topped with cornbread recipe to friends, families… and maybe even strangers on the street.

Homemade lasagna

Zucchini lasagna

Lasagna is a favorite comfort food because it is part casserole and part pizza, which are both all-American favorites. Much like chili recipes, it seems that many families also pass down lasagna recipes, however this recipe for homemade lasagna is a keeper because it replaces the noodles with zucchini so you get a serving of vegetables and a taste of home.

Apple pie

Apple pie

We couldn’t leave off this comfort food favorite because well, “It’s as American as apple pie.” We enjoy this dessert for picnics, fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This caramel apple pie recipe just might put Grandma’s famous pie to shame.

Chocolate chip cookies

Rolo toffee cookies

Who didn’t love coming home from school to smell chocolate chip cookies baking? Your mom would sit a plate of cookies with a cold glass of milk on the table and all of your troubles would melt away. Even though you are a grown-up, this comfort food still provides that same sentimental comfort. What is also great about these cookies is that you can customize them by mixing in whatever you like. One of our favorite recipes is this melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie recipe with Rolo candies and toffee bits. Drool.

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