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7 Crazy-delicious ways to add butter to your butter


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Is there anything more comforting than starting off your morning with a hot cup of coffee and some buttered toast? Well, yes.

Buttered coffee

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It turns out that a golden pat of butter is just as delicious stirred into a cup of coffee as it is spread on a muffin. Who knew? The addition of butterfat in your coffee helps slow your body’s caffeine absorption, giving you a steadier stream of energy over a longer period of time. Don’t believe me? Give it a try — you’ll be surprised at the difference even a small bit of butter can make in your morning cup-o-Joe.

Fresh butter on bread

You can make that experience even more luxurious by making your own butter. When I was little I remember pouring cream into a jar and shaking it until I thought my arms would fall off. But the fatigue was well worth it for the thick, creamy butter that was created. As an adult, you can get even better results by using a stand mixer — no elbow grease required.

Butter makes basically everything better — even butter. Below are some of the boldest buttery recipes we could find, where butter doesn’t just act as a flavor booster, it’s the main star. So grab your homemade butter and hide away your scale — these buttery goods are too tasty to have just one.

1. Brown butter cake with brown butter frosting

Brown butter cake with brown butter frosting

from: Delightful repast

Brown butter cake with brown butter frosting. Because twice the butter means twice the yum.

2. Brown butter banana bread

Brown butter banana bread

from: Mountain mama cooks

Hot, buttered banana bread fresh from the oven is one of the coziest foods in the world. Add some browned butter into the batter itself and we’re really talking.

3. Butter poached butterflied shrimp and steel-cut oat risotto

Butter poached butterflied shrimp and steel-cut oat risotto

Succulent shrimp are even tastier when they’re poached in your melted homemade butter. Butterfly them for added pizzaz, and so there’s one more crevasse for them to pick up all that buttery goodness… you know you want more.

4. Creamy hot buttered rum

Creamy hot buttered rum

This is the type of drink that will send you right to sleep, making hot buttered rum the perfect nightcap to sip by the fire. Butter, brown sugar and spices mingle with rum and cream to deliver you the dreamiest drink imaginable.

5. Buttermilk biscuits

Buttermilk biscuits

Buttermilk and butter have a natural affinity for one another, and this recipe contains both in spades. Still not enough? Spread some of your homemade butter over a split buttermilk biscuit right out of the oven. You’ll never look at the Pillsbury Dough Boy the same way again.

6. Butternut squash pizza with brown butter sauce

Butternut squash pizza with brown butter sauce

Hey, a pizza with squash on it has gotta be healthy, right? Better pour on some nutty brown butter sauce to make up for it.

7. Deep fried butter

Does it get better than batter-coated butter? My vote is no.

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