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5 Recipes to add more ice cream to your life

Craving something sweet? We’ve got you covered with these seriously decadent fruity ice cream dessert recipes.

Rustic sweet potato and cherry galette

Ice cream and pie

Sweet and savory come together for this fall-inspired dessert that will leave you wanting more.

Boozy white chocolate raspberry cake batter ice cream float

Cake batter ice cream float

This ice cream float is not for the kiddos! Indulge your inner child while celebrating like an adult with this supersweet, nostalgic boozy beverage.

Layered strawberry ice cream cake with ganache

Strawberry ganache

We promise, this isn’t your average ice cream cake. The layers of white cake, cookie crumbles and strawberry ice cream, all topped with ganache, are totally drool-worthy.

Marionberry pie un-fried ice cream

Marionberry pie un-fried ice cream

Fried ice cream is delicious but complicated. This un-fried version gives you the same great taste with less guilt and less work.

Butterscotch blondie brownie bowls

Butterscotch blondie brownie bowls

Ditch that plastic bowl right now. From now on, you only eat your ice cream in bowls that you can eat, too.

More delicious ice cream ideas

Chocolate coconut mudslide milkshake
Easy cookies and cream ice cream cake
Vanilla bean ice cream and fresh nectarine pie

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