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We may soon have a Guinness-inspired coffee from Starbucks


SheKnows Editorial

Do you crave a beer at breakfast? Starbucks hopes so.

From food trucks to an Oprah-endorsed Chai, the coffee chain has really been branching out lately. Now they’re going even further, testing a new Dark Barrel Latte at select locations in Ohio and Florida, according to the Daily Mail.
But, college students aside, is anyone really going to crave a beer at breakfast?

Well, the Dark Barrel Latte doesn’t actually contain alcohol. It has a dark caramel sauce and a syrup that is meant to taste like a stout, and it’s topped with cream that mimics the signature head on a glass of Guinness, according to The Independent.

Sounds interesting in theory, but how does it taste?

Apparently, just like beer, which is good…
Or terrible, depending on who you ask.

Personally, the last thing I want to drink in the morning is anything that remotely tastes like alcohol. Chalk it up to one too many rough mornings in college. Then again, now that I’m older and drinking beer at 9 a.m. has lost much of its appeal, come St. Patrick’s Day the Dark Barrel Latte might be just the ticket to getting into the holiday spirit. The rest of the year? I’ll stick with coffee or beer.

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