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20 Mulled cocktail recipes to warm up with this autumn

Summer is officially over. Long gone are the days of icy frozen margaritas. Say hello to cozy, hot mulled cocktails that will prepare you for the best winter season yet.

Transitioning from season to season is always hard, so that’s why we’ve put together a list of mulled cider and mulled wine recipes to warm you up. Because we know you’re still wearing flip-flops, trying to hold on to a summer long gone. Bust out the fuzzy boots and wrap your hands around these drinks.

1. Mulled apple cider

mulled apple cider

Photo credit: The Pioneer Woman

Using the traditional fall flavors and spices, this mulled apple cider is bound to warm you up from the inside out.

2. Boozy pomegranate cider

Boozy pomegranate cider

Photo credit: Dessert for Two

The combination of apple cider and pomegranate juice in this boozy pomegranate cider really balances out the sweet/tart flavors in this drink.

3. Bavarian mulled wine

Bavarian mulled wine

Photo credit: What’s Gaby Cooking

Bavarian mulled wine, packed with warm spices, is extra sweet with the addition of vanilla beans that bring their fragrant and aromatic selves to the mix.

4. Cranberry glogg

Cranberry glogg

Photo credit: Healthy Green Kitchen

Don’t worry, “glogg” is just the term used for mulled wine in Iceland and Sweden, so this cranberry glogg is just a fun way to say it’s a cranberry mulled wine.

5. Slow cooker, low-sugar mulled wine

Slow cooker, low sugar mulled wine

Photo credit: Diethood

Not only is this easy mulled wine made in the slow cooker, it’s also low sugar. Win-win.

6. Cinnamon plum cider

cinnamon plum cider

The use of prune juice in this cinnamon plum cider might be unusual but the flavors it brings to the recipe are phenomenal. Sweet and earthy, it’s a must-try on our list.

7. Wassail cocktail


Photo credit: Cookie + Kate

Ever heard of wassail? Well, according to Maggie Savarino in The Seasonal Cocktail Companion, “wassailing” is an Old English tradition with pagan roots that celebrates the fall harvest. The addition of bourbon and fresh ginger really make this drink pop with flavor.

8. Cranberry ginger mulled wine

Cranberry ginger mulled wine

Photo credit: All Day I Dream About Food

A great use for fresh cranberries, this cranberry ginger mulled wine is the perfect excuse to buy a couple extra bottles of your favorite red wine.

9. Mulled wine

Mulled wine

Photo credit: Gimme Some Oven

A classic recipe for mulled wine, this is sure to be a hit with your family and friends.

10. Best-ever spiced mulled wine

Best ever spiced mulled wine

Photo credit: Adeline & Lumiere

We’re loving the addition of star anise in this spiced mulled wine — it adds an extra layer of depth to this delicious beverage.

11. Holiday spiced wine

Holiday spiced wine

Photo credit: What’s Gaby Cooking

This holiday spiced wine is packed with fresh citrus, such as lemon and oranges, making it the adult version of cold medic — the Vitamin C in this drink is great.

12. Mandarin spice mulled wine

Mandarin spice mulled wine

Photo credit: Girlichef

The addition of a seasonal citrus fruit, like in this mandarin spice mulled wine, takes the traditional recipe and makes it extra special. Don’t have mandarin? Try clementine, tangelo or even grapefruit.

13. Spiked mulled apple cider

Spiked mulled apple cider

Photo credit: Dieter’s Downfall

A splash or two of rum never killed anyone, so we’re making this spiked mulled apple cider and celebrating the season.

14. Slow cooker spiced mulled wine

Slow cooker spiced mulled wine

Photo credit: This Mama Cooks!

Imagine your home smelling like a winter wonderland. Well that’s what happens when you slowly simmer this slow cooker spiced mulled wine all day long.

15. Hot cranberry cider with fennel and orange

Hot cranberry cider with fennel and orange

Photo credit: Cook The Story

The addition of fennel in this hot cranberry cider with fennel and orange is not only for added flavor, but fennel is also known to ease stomachaches. Perfect after a big holiday feast.

16. Spiced hot drink mix

Spiced hot drink mix

Photo credit: The Yummy Life

This spiced hot drink mix works with anything and everything whether you’re whipping up cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks. Add some to your wine, cider, cocoa, coffee and tea.

17. Apple cider hot toddy

Apple cider hot toddy

Photo credit: Cookie + Kate

A hot toddy is the cure to all that ails you and this apple cider hot toddy is just what the doctor ordered.

18. Spiked apple cider

Spiked apple cider

Photo credit: Diethood

Everyone has a ratio for how much cider to spices and what spices to use, but we’re loving this version of spiked apple cider that includes orange juice.

19. Bourbon apple cider

Bourbon apple cider

Photo credit: Sweet Remedy

Pick a strong, spiced bourbon for this bourbon apple cider — it’s what makes this drink outstanding.

20. Strawberry orange mulled wine

strawberry orange mulled wine

Most of us can get our hands on strawberries year-round, and the bright colors in this strawberry orange mulled wine are perfect for a dreary day.

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