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You won’t believe how this insane machine effortlessly separates eggs


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If you’ve ever suffered through the messy ordeal of separating eggs for an angel food cake, pudding or hollandaise sauce, then now you can rest easy knowing your days of salmonella-drenched fingertips are over.

A video posted to Facebook shows an egg-separating dream machine that requires the user to simply crack eggs and drop them into a metal pan. The rest, as they say, is history.

Amazingly, the eggs gently slide down a slotted ramp, the whites falling into a tray underneath and the yolks gliding effortlessly into another tray waiting at the end. All you have to do is crack the egg; the rest just happens. It’s easy as pie (why not lemon meringue, now that you have all those whites?)!

Eggs are a simple food that require a lot of technique if you want them to be perfectly cooked. Luckily there are lots of ingenious products that can help you get the perfect egg.

The Kitchen Goose

The Kitchen Goose

Photo credit: Kitchen Goose

Tired of dirtying a bunch of bowls and utensils just to make some scrambled eggs? The Kitchen Goose makes those days but a distant memory, as you can scramble eggs right in their shells by holding either end of the device and shakin’ what your mama gave you.

Shaped eggs

Shaped Eggs

Photo credit: LekueUSA

Make breakfast in bed for your sweetie a cinch with the Lékué Ovo Heart-shaped Egg Cooker. Just drop in an egg, microwave to perfection, and serve it up on a silver platter.



Photo credit: Amazon

If the miraculous egg separator above seems a little too sterile for your liking, then take a look at the YolkFish. Squeeze and release this little fella, and he’ll suck the yolk right out of your egg. Squeeze again, and he’ll regurgitate his yolk-y prize anywhere you please. On second thought, maybe I prefer the other egg separator.

Fancy egg poachers

Fancy Egg Poachers

Photo credit: Amazon

When I learned how to poach an egg, it was an elaborate method involving vinegar and a swirling vortex of boiling water. Now you can just drop an egg into one of these adorable egg poachers that rest on the surface of a pot of boiling water, and call it a day.

The Gogol Mogol

Sometimes you are desperate for an egg but have no way to cook one (or is that just me?). Enter the Gogol Mogol. Special chemical compounds in this egg’s packaging can be activated to produce heat and cook the egg before it’s even been removed, making eggs (finally) the perfect on-the-go snack.

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