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The Boozy Bacon Shake and 6 other bacon cocktails


SheKnows Editorial

Admit it: You’re excited that Red Robin has introduced a bacon-infused, alcoholic milkshake.

The company, infamous for having the unhealthiest fast-food menu item in the country, is at it again.

Part of the new “The South Is in the House” limited-time offerings, the Beam-N-Bacon Boozy Shake is comprised of “Jim Beam maple bourbon, bacon bits, caramel and vanilla soft serve, stirred to perfection with — you guessed it — another crispy strip of bacon!”

The shake is clearly not for the faint of heart (literally!), but it got me wondering: What other cocktails can be made with smoky, salty, sweet bacon?

1. Boozy maple bacon doughnut milkshake

Boozy maple bacon doughnut milkshake

Just when you thought you couldn’t top Red Robin’s bacon shake, someone threw a freakin’ doughnut into the mix and changed the booze-shake game forever…

2. Bacon, coffee and maple whiskey martini

Bacon, coffee and maple whiskey martini

Bacon, coffee and maple make this whiskey-based cocktail the most dangerously delicious breakfast beverage of all time.

3. Bacon maple cola cocktail

Bacon maple cola cocktail

Photo credit: Jane’s Adventure in Dinner

I never thought a bacon cocktail could be refreshing, but the fizziness of Coke goes a long way to lighten up this drink, made with rye whiskey and chipotle-spiced bacon — which means you can have more than one.

4. Bacon bourbon Old-Fashioned

Bacon bourbon Old-Fashioned

Photo credit: A Farmgirl Dabbles

This bacon bourbon Old-Fashioned is anything but. Just infuse your bourbon with bacon fat, and get mixin’!

5. Spicy BLT green bloody marys

Spicy BLT green bloody marys

Photo credit: Heather Cristo

It has tomatoes and lettuce in it, so it’s basically a salad, right?

6. Bacon straws

Bacon Straws

Photo credit: Cbsop

Any cocktail you drink through a bacon straw will become your favorite cocktail.

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