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15 Ways to up your oatmeal game

Pack more oatmeal into your meals with these tasty recipes.

Oatmeal brûlée

Oatmeal brulee

Photo credit: ladi59/iStock/Getty Images

Set your breakfast on fire with this fiery take on an otherwise subdued dish.

Chocolate oatmeal and caramelized bananas

Chocolate oatmeal ad caramelized bananas

Have dessert for breakfast with this indulgent dish.

Slow cooker apple pie oatmeal

Apple pie oatmeal

Save time in the morning by cooking breakfast while you sleep.

Easy carrot cake oatmeal

Carrot cake oatmeal

Transform your morning oats into something you love even more.

Pumpkin pie oatmeal with homemade cranberry granola

Pumpkin pie oatmeal with homemade cranberry

Get an oat overload with this granola-topped oatmeal dish, infused with all our favorite fall flavors.

Oatmeal blackberry breakfast pie

Oatmeal blackberry pie

Pie for breakfast? We suggest you give it a try.

Cold raspberry blueberry oatmeal with vanilla

Cold raspberry blueberry oatmeal

Photo credit: A_Lein/iStock/360/Getty Images

You probably think oatmeal is only good when it’s warm. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Chocolate and oat breakfast bars

Chocolate and oat breakfast bars

Breakfast on-the-go can be just as delicious as it is fast. These breakfast bars prove our point.

Mixed berry banana nut and oatmeal smoothie

Berry banana nut and oatmeal smoothie

This vegan breakfast smoothie is packed with oats and fruity goodness.

Homemade oat milk

Oatmeal milk recipe

Did you know you can make your own dairy-free milk? You can, and it’s easier than you probably think.

Gluten-free oatmeal energy bars

Energy bars

Put a little pep in your step during the midday slump with this tasty snack.

Oatmeal raisin shortbread cookies

Oatmeal raisin shortbread

Say goodbye to boring oatmeal raisin cookies with this new twist on a traditional recipe.

Vegan raspberry oat squares

Vegan raspberry oat squares

Photo credit: alisafarov/iStock/Getty Images

Cookie bars are so much easier to make than traditional cookies, and this vegan option is nothing short of delicious.

No-bake granola bites

Granola balls

Photo credit: Lauri Patterson/E+/Getty Images

Homemade snacks just got easier with this no-bake, filling snack.

Blueberry oatmeal chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

Blueberry oatmeal chocolate chip ice cream sadwhiches

You’ll never eat store-bought ice cream sandwiches again once you’ve tasted these.

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