14 Filling foods to stash in your desk

Life at the office gets busy fast, and heading out for lunch isn’t always an option. So what’s a busy (and hungry) girl to do? Stash some of these filling foods at your desk for a quick and easy lunch or snack without leaving the office.

There are all kinds of yummy, stashable snacks you can make yourself — like a delicious homemade jerky, a blueberry trail mix, granola bars and even some cheesy crackers. But don’t forget the convenience of prepared foods, like Quaker Real Medleys for oatmeal, which is packed with multi-grains and chunks of real fruit. Plus the portable containers mean you don’t have to spend time at the office sink washing up a cup.

14 Foods to stash in your desk

This post was sponsored by Quaker Real Medleys.

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