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Olive Garden stands up to Pasta Pass fraud, impresses us all


SheKnows Editorial

This Monday, Olive Garden started selling its now-infamous Never Ending Pasta Pass.

If you weren’t one of the lucky 1,000 people to purchase the Pasta Pass in the hour before it sold out, then you may have found yourself on eBay, desperately searching for a pass so that you too can enjoy unlimited pasta and breadsticks for seven weeks at everyone’s favorite shopping mall Italian restaurant.

Unfortunately even the cheaper passes are selling with a 50 percent markup, and some are going for around $250 — the original pass was just $100.

But Olive Garden, moral paragon of the culinary world, is cracking down on these shady dealers. It turns out the Pasta Pass can’t be resold at all. Each one is personalized with the name of the original buyer and can’t be used by others.

So what if you’ve already purchased one? According to CNN, a spokesperson for Olive Garden said that if you caved and purchased a pass on eBay (no shame — carb lust can do strange things to a person!), then you should call Olive Garden. “We’re a hospitality company, so we’re going to make things right,” the spokesperson told CNN.

Though some may scorn Olive Garden for releasing the Never Ending Pasta Pass into the world at all, you have to commend them for laying the smackdown on the people trying to hoodwink pasta fans into purchasing passes at a premium. Sure, their breadsticks are great, but it seems like their ethics are even better.

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