Penis-shaped gummies shock New Zealand kids and parents

Parents in New Zealand got a lot more than they bargained for when they purchased Dragon Sweets, a gummy candy from company Dutch Rusk, as a fun snack for their kids.

It turns out these gummies were more appropriate for a raunchy bachelorette party than they were for innocent kids in the lunchroom, as a manufacturing snafu meant that around one in every 20 bags of Dragon Sweets contained miniature gummy penises. All the more reason to make your snacks from scratch, amiright?

One can only hope that the kids who had these in their lunch boxes were too preoccupied to take a closer look at what they were actually eating. But for those who did notice, imagine having to explain to your child why you gave them a snack that’s, um, shaped like a very private body party. This is definitely the sort of discovery that should take place in health class, not the cafeteria.

Obviously parents in New Zealand were upset, and once notified, the company issued a recall.

But apparently parents in China, where the snack was manufactured, would have been unfazed by the mix-up. There, the phallic shape of the snacks is associated with good health and fertility. That said, I think the most adventurous gummies I’ll be purchasing in the near future are Hello Kitty-shaped.

What would you do if you found out your kid’s snack was packing more than just dragon-shaped gummies?

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