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Yes, this is a black cheeseburger, and it’s as weird as you think

Oh, Japan. Thank you for constantly taking us on food adventures we never could have dreamed existed. This time, though, we may want to pass.

Japanese Burger Kings are rolling out a pair of black cheeseburgers, complete with black buns, black sauce and (hurk) black cheese.

Besides the fact that they look like the product of some horrific grilling accident, the burgers get their unique look from some equally unique ingredients. According to NariNari via Kotaku, the buns and cheese are made with bamboo charcoal, and the sauce is made from squid ink.

We’re on the fence about whether we would give these babies a shot. Charcoal is apparently good for teeth whitening, so it would be pretty hard to shake that gritty, ashy image from our consciousness even if the burger tasted like angel tears.

Actually, here’s a fun fact: If you’re turned off by the idea of a black burger, don’t chalk it up to cultural insensitivity or a meek palate. According to studies, color greatly affects our perception of taste. In Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation, he describes a 1970s study during which participants were served steak and fries under tinted lights. When the lights were turned off, it was revealed the meals had been tinted shades of blue and green, and some people were physically revolted.

So there you go. It’s OK to be weirded out by a black burger. Science says so.

If you’re not weirded out and you’re in Japan anytime soon, then do us a solid, and get your hands on one of these. They’re around for only a limited time.

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