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DiGiorno hijacks #WhyIStayed domestic abuse hashtag for tweet about frozen pizza


SheKnows Editorial

DiGiorno made a tasteless joke on Twitter last night that, shockingly, managed to be much worse than its frozen pizza.

Last night on Twitter, victims of domestic abuse opened up about why they had stayed with their abusive partners, hoping to shed some light on the complex emotions women in abusive relationships often feel. This came in the wake of the domestic abuse scandal surrounding NFL player Ray Rice, who was caught on video brutally assaulting his wife. The conversation connected to the #WhyIStayed hashtag was extremely heartfelt, emotional and supportive.
Then, DiGiorno chimed in.

Its tweet was soon deleted, but the damage had been done. DiGiorno then stated that it didn’t know what the hashtag was all about.

I think it’s a pretty standard social media rule that you always, always check to see what a trending hashtag is actually about before using it. If I can do it, surely someone who is paid thousands of dollars a year to use social media can do it. The extra fraction of a second it would have taken the person behind the DiGiorno account to click on the #WhyIStayed hashtag would have saved the company a world of trouble and spared a lot of domestic abuse survivors the shock of seeing a multimillion-dollar company make light of the very emotional stories they were sharing.

All too often, victims of domestic abuse aren’t taken seriously. DiGiorno’s hijacking of the hashtag, though a mistake, seemed to drive home the point that these women’s voices aren’t being heard.

DiGiorno spent the rest of the night apologizing. However, some are calling for the social media manager to be let go. What do you think? Was it an honest mistake, or should they know better?

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