16 Cheesy deep-dish pizza recipes that will melt your heart

Deep-dish pizza — also known as Chicago-style pizza — has a 3-inch-high crust to be able to hold the extra amount of cheese and other toppings.

Everyone loves pizza, and when you love pizza, you’re either a thin crust pizza fan or a deep-dish pizza fan. The thin crust was made popular in New York City, and the deep-dish was made popular in Chicago. We’ve rounded up some delicious deep-dish pizza recipes you need to try making at home soon. Now go forth, and bake ridiculously cheesy pizzas.

1. Chicago deep-dish pizza recipe

Chicago deep dish pizza

Blog: Shugary Sweets

Chicago deep-dish pizza: This recipe is a great base to kick off making deep-dish pizza.

2. Thick crust pizza recipe

Thick crust pizza

Blog: Life Tastes Good

This thick crust pizza recipe is the perfect recipe for game day eats.

3. Mini deep-dish pizzas recipe

Mini deep dish pizza
Blog: Two Healthy Kitchens

Make these mini deep-dish pizzas as a party appetizer. They are little bites of pizza heaven.

4. Lou Malnati’s Chicago classic deep-dish pizza recipe

lou Malnati's Chicago classic deep dish pizza

Blog: Farm Fresh Feasts

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is a traditional spot in Chicago food culture, and Lou Malnati’s Chicago classic deep-dish pizza is layered with a disc of sausage, lots of mozzarella and a chunky tomato sauce. This post really goes into the ins and outs of making this traditional pizza.

5. Deep-dish BBQ chicken-pineapple pizza recipe

Deep dish BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza

Blog: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

We’re loving this deep-dish BBQ chicken-pineapple pizza, that combines the savory flavors of barbecue with the sweet notes of fresh pineapple.

6. Copycat Pizza Hut sliders recipe

Copycat Pizza Hut sliders

Blog: Clarks Condensed

Try these copycat Pizza Hut sliders if you’re family loves Pizza Hut but you want to control what ingredients go into your pizza.

7. Deep-dish Chicago-style pizza recipe

Deep dish Chicago style pizza

Blog: Baked by Rachel

Another classic recipe for deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, this pizza pie is perfectly layered with amazing ingredients.

8. Deep-dish green tomato and goat cheese pizza recipe

Deep dish green tomato & goat cheese pizza

Blog: Farm Fresh Feasts

A healthier version of the sausage and mozzarella cheese one, this deep-dish green tomato and goat cheese pizza is packed with delicious fresh produce.

9. Loaded baked potato pizza recipe

Loaded baked potato pizza

Blog: Nutmeg Nanny

Bake up this loaded baked potato pizza on a cast-iron pan for an extra-crispy pizza.

10. Mini deep-dish pizzas recipe

Mini deep dish pizzas

Blog: Damn Delicious

Take a bite out of these mini deep-dish pizzas. We know your kids will love them.

11. Deep-dish pizza recipe

Deep dish pizza

Blog: Handle the Heat

Another classic recipe, this deep-dish pizza post breaks down how to make the dough step-by-step.

12. Low-carb deep-dish sausage pizza recipe

Low carb deep dish sausage pizza

Blog: All Day I Dream about Food

This low-carb deep-dish sausage pizza is gluten-free but not missing any of the flavor.

13. Deep-dish pizza with Brussels sprouts and bacon recipe

Deep dish pizza with Brussels sprouts & bacon
Blog: Healthy Delicious

Brussels sprouts have found a great home in this deep-dish pizza with Brussels sprouts and bacon. You’ll become a sprout lover once you take one bite.

14. Deep-dish spinach and tomato pizza recipe

Deep dish spinach and tomato pizza
Blog: Girl Versus Dough

This deep-dish spinach and tomato pizza is packed with delicious spinach to add a layer of flavor and healthiness to it.

15. Mini deep-dish polenta pizza pies recipe

Mini deep dish polenta pizza pies
Blog: Bev Cooks

Unlike the other pizzas in this roundup, these mini deep-dish polenta pizza pies are made with a base of polenta, making it a fun twist on a favorite.

16. How to make a deep-dish pizza

deep dish pizza

Last but not least, for those of you who have never attempted this culinary delight, here’s a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to make a gloriously cheesy deep-dish pizza.

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