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Chipotle pulled pork bruschetta with creamy cheese

I’m thinking ahead to the weekend, when grazing on snacks and appetizers seems to be the only acceptable time to make bruschetta. Am I the only one who sees bruschetta this way? Am I the only one who tends to think of bruschetta as party food? Between you and me, I think we should shake this way of thinking. Who says bruschetta should only be for parties or our days off?


tWhen you really think about it, tasty, wholesome snacks should be for every day. And a good bruschetta, toasted slices of rustic bread topped with fresh ingredients, is a wonderful way to snack anytime.

t Traditional bruschetta may hail from Italy, showcasing tomatoes, basil and good olive oil. But as with any good thing, these antipasto have been subject to interpretation, and you can now find countless varieties, all savory in their own way.

t I’ve been loving pulled pork lately; it’s a winner with the whole family, but it’s also wonderful since I have so much leftover that I can make these queso fresco chipotle pulled pork bruschetta.

t A smear of the creamy, spicy The Laughing Cow cheese on toasted bread, topped with pulled pork and a dollop of spicy sriracha… it doesn’t take much to make any day feel like the weekend with this tasty snack.


t Serves 8-10


  1. Brush the slices of bread with olive oil and rub with garlic. Toast under a broiler or on a grill pan until golden.
  2. t

  3. Spread The Laughing Cow Queso Fresco Chipotle Spreadable Cheese. Lightly dress the pulled pork with a barbecue sauce and place on top of cheese. Garnish with sriracha and cilantro. Serve immediately.

This works well with store-bought pulled pork, but is especially delicious when made at home. Might I suggest this simple recipe? Slow cooker stout pulled pork.

t Enjoy.

tDisclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with The Laughing Cow and SheKnows.

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