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20 Bourbon cocktails to cozy up to this fall

Warm up this season with a variety of bourbon cocktails, and learn the difference between bourbon and whiskey.

Did you know that all bourbons are whiskey but not all whiskeys are bourbon? And that both “whisky” and “whiskey” are the same thing, just different regional spellings. What qualifies a whiskey as a bourbon is that it must be made in the U.S., aged for at least two years and made from at least 51 percent Indian corn. Bourbon can be made anywhere in the U.S., but only the state of Kentucky can produce bourbon and actually label it as that. Now that you’re up to speed, check out these creative recipes on how to use bourbon (or whiskey) in your fall cocktails.

1. Blueberry-citrus bourbon sangria recipe

Bourbon sangria
Blog: Nosh and Nourish

This blueberry-citrus bourbon sangria is a blend of great summer sips like sangria, and the warm, bourbon flavor plus the addition of fresh blueberries brighten it up.

2. The Bourbon Lift recipe

The bourbon lift

Blog: Chasing Delicious

By blending coffee and bourbon flavor notes, the Bourbon Lift is born.

3. Peach-mint bourbon sweet tea recipe

Peach mint bourbon sweet tea

Blog: Nutmeg Nanny

Use up the last of the seasonal peaches if they are around in this peach-mint bourbon sweet tea.

4. Backyard boulevardier and smoked bourbon recipe

Backyard boulevardier & smoked bourbon

Blog: Chasing Delicious

Ever try smoking booze? By smoking we mean adding smoke flavor to the liquid, making for interesting drinks like this backyard boulevardier and smoked bourbon.

5. Maple Old Fashioned recipe

Maple old fashioned

Blog: Bake Love Give

With some muddled cherries, this maple Old Fashioned makes any day a Friday.

6. The Chinook recipe

The Chinook

Blog: Chasing Delicious

The recipe for the Chinook includes a two-week steeping of the allspice dram, so make sure you start making this today.

7. Blueberry-honey mint julep recipe

Blueberry honey mint julep

Blog: The Cookie Rookie

Whether or not it’s Kentucky Derby time, these blueberry-honey mint juleps will make a weeknight dinner extra special.

8. Bourbon-spiked hot chocolate recipe

Bourbon spiked hot chocolate

Blog: Chasing Delicious

There’s nothing like hot chocolate on a chilly autumn day, and this bourbon-spiked hot chocolate is the perfect adult beverage.

9. Bourbon and ginger ale recipe

Bourbon & ginger ale

Blog: Nutmeg Nanny

A simple drink, this bourbon and ginger ale is a cocktail in which you don’t need many ingredients, but the ones you need have to be of great quality.

10. Plum-blackberry cobbler recipe

Plum-blackberry cobbler

Blog: Chasing Delicious

The perfect fall fruit drink, this plum-blackberry cobbler makes a homemade plum-ginger syrup the start of this cocktail.

11. Blood orange Old Fashioned recipe

Bloody orange old fashioned

Blog: Kelly Bakes

Use up the upcoming seasonal citrus fruits in this blood orange Old Fashioned.

12. Sweet cider-ginger cocktail recipe

Sweet cider ginger cocktail

Blog: Nutmeg Nanny

We’re loving the fall flavors in this sweet cider-ginger cocktail. Once the apple cider starts popping up in the markets, it’s time to make this cocktail.

13. The Smoking Peach recipe

The smoking peach

Blog: Chasing Delicious

Grabbing the last of the summer peaches and creating this Smoking Peach cocktail might just be the best way to say goodbye to summer.

14. Bourbon-milk punch recipe

Bourbon milk punch

Blog: Dessert for Two

Milk punches like this bourbon-milk punch are perfect chilly-weather drinks and can be made with your milk of preference.

15. Sparkling mint julep recipe

Sparkling mint juleps

Blog: The Kitchen Is My Playground

Think bourbon is just a man’s drink? It definitely isn’t, but if you need to lighten it up, then make this sparkling mint julep.

16. Spiced cocktail cherries recipe

Spiced cocktail cherries

Blog: The View from Great Island

These spiced cocktail cherries are the perfect addition to your fall cocktails.

17. Bourbon and grapefruit shrub recipe

Bourbon & grapefruit shrub

Blog: Nutmeg Nanny

This bourbon and grapefruit shrub might just be one of the trendiest drinks you’ll ever make, since shrubs have become so popular.

18. Peach jam-bourbon cobbler cocktail recipe

Peach jam bourbon cobbler cocktail

Blog: Dessert for Two

Jam cocktails are the next big trend in cocktail-making, and this peach jam-bourbon cobbler cocktail will make you fall in love with them.

19. Lemon verbena whiskey sour

Lemon verbena whiskey sour

Blog: A Thought for Food

Make your own herbaceous syrup, and this lemon verbena whiskey sour will taste ever better.

20. Slow-roasted peach and fig bourbon cocktail

Bourbon fig cocktail

Sweet roasted peaches and figs are a match made in heaven with the sweet honey Kentucky bourbon. You won’t care what season it is while you’re sipping on this cocktail.

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