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16 Kid-friendly vegan lunches that are delicious and nutritious

All throughout this school year, showcase what Meatless Mondays are all about to your kids and family. Introduce them to vegan lunches that are not only filling, but flavorful as well as incredibly healthy.

Now that the first day of school is done and over, you’ll be in a rush to figure out nutritious and flavorful lunches for your kids on a daily basis. Have no fear, we’ve rounded up some fantastic options that are vegan, tasty and will have you and your family excited to eat lunch.

1. Ultimate 4-layer vegan sandwich

vegan sandwich

Blog: Oh She Glows

Sandwiches are the perfect lunch and, to start off, we’re loving this layered sandwich with a sun-dried tomato pesto that is sure to add great flavor.

2. Fireworks orzo salad

Fireworks orzo salad

Blog: It’s Yummi

This fireworks orzo salad is packed with fresh vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs, making this not only healthy but extremely colorful.

3. Super greens mac and cheese

greens mac and cheese

Blog: Nosh and Nourish

This super greens mac and cheese is perfect for lunch since it’s baked in muffin tins — portable and a great size for kids and adults of any age.

4. Vegan nachos

vegan nachos

Blog: Lunch Box Bunch

Everyone loves great nachos and these vegan nachos are no exception. Perfect for lunch because you can make a couple of these disposable pie tins for everyone in the family, cover them and send them off to work/school.

5. Green chickpea “edamame” pasta salad

chickpea edamame salad

Blog: Allyson Kramer

This salad is actually made with green chickpeas, which resemble edamame quite well. The flavors of apricot and balsamic layer this salad, making it the perfect lunch idea.

6. Vegan Bolognese with lentils and quinoa

Vegan bolognese with lentils and quinoa

Blog: Rachel Cooks

Change up your pasta routine with this vegan Bolognese — it’s hearty, filling and will win over the hearts of even the most die-hard carnivores.

7. Tomato soup with white beans

Tomato soup with white beans

Blog: Rachel Cooks

By adding white beans to this tomato soup, you’re upping the protein count and making it a complete meal.

8. Sweet sticky coconut quinoa

coconut quinoa bowls

Blog: Nosh and Nourish

Have this sweet sticky coconut quinoa ready for your children to dive into breakfast or lunch.

9. Vegan eggplant, asparagus and black bean tacos

vegan tacos

You won’t miss any of the meat in these tacos because they are loaded with eggplant, asparagus and black bean. Plus onions, chipotle peppers and cilantro add a burst of flavor to them.

10. Four bean and chipotle chili

Four bean and chipotle chili

Blog: Barefeet in the Kitchen

Warm up on a chilly day with this four bean and chipotle chili — use whatever beans you have in your pantry to make it quick and easy.

11. Spring vegetable pappardelle

Spring vegetable pappardelle

Blog: Nutmeg Nanny

Using seasonal vegetables, this vegetable pappardelle is just the meal you need. Substitute the Parmesan cheese for vegan cheese or completely leave it out.

12. Vegan jambalaya

Vegan jambalaya

Although this recipe might be more complex than your usual lunch box fare, make this vegan jambalaya the day ahead and portion into containers for a week’s worth of lunches.

13. Vegan albondigas (Mexican meatballs)

Vegan albondigas (Mexican meatballs)

Serve up a bowl of these vegan Mexican meatballs with a side of quinoa or your favorite whole grain and you’ll be in for a treat. They are flavorful and full of great ingredients, even chocolate.

14. Asian ginger sesame roasted vegetable pasta

Asian ginger sesame roasted vegetable pasta

Blog: The Law Student’s Wife

The intense flavors in this roasted vegetable pasta are perfect when served room temperature or chilled and it will introduce your kids to new and exciting lunch ideas.

15. Quinoa, chickpea and almond salad

Quinoa, chickpea, and almond salad

Blog: The Law Student’s Wife

Packed with protein and whole grains, this salad is a great option and way to introduce new nuts and beans into your children’s diets.

16. Coconut-peanut udon noodle bowls

udon noodle bowl

This udon noodle bowl tossed with coconut milk and peanut butter sauce tastes great hot or cold, making it the perfect choice for lunch on the go.

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