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Secret menu drinks from Dutch Bros. Coffee you need to know about

What you should know about Dutch Bros.

The company started back in 1992 as a tiny coffee cart in Oregon. But since its humble beginnings, Dutch Bros. has quickly grown into more than 200 locations and has established a serious cult following. Locations can be found in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Texas, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and now Iowa. And if they’re not already in your state, they may be coming sooner than you can say “Double-Stamp Tuesday.” (It’s a Dutch Bros. thing.)

Dutch Bros. Coffee
Image: Jana Randall/SheKnows

The company known for its customer loyalty, crazy energy and rock-star customer service is truly dedicated to its brand. In fact, all of its franchise owners are required to have worked for the company for at least four years before they’ll be considered. Talk about keeping it in the family!

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Berkey told SheKnows the reason for this. “People can get caffeine anywhere,” he said, “but at Dutch Bros., they are valued, noticed and remembered.”

As a loyal Dutch costumer, I couldn’t agree more. The Dutch Bros. location in Goodyear, Arizona, has become one of my favorite places to visit, not only for the ah-mazing, mouthwatering coffee, but because of the awesome people who work there.

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Originally published December 2014. Updated August 2016.

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