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Secret menu drinks from Dutch Bros. Coffee you need to know about

Like the lesser-known (and maybe cooler) younger sister of Starbucks, also hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Dutch Bros. Coffee has gained a big following. Most fans of the up-and-coming coffee joint say that if you haven’t gone Dutch, you’re seriously missing out. And if you’re already a die-hard Dutch coffee drinker, you might still be missing out if you haven’t taken advantage of the chain’s secret menu.

Caleb Berkey, a franchise owner in the western region of Metro Phoenix, explained that while each of the 233 Dutch Bros. locations has its own set of custom drinks, these off-menu blends are requested most:

Dutch Bros. secret menu
Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

Ask for one of these drinks when you pull up to the window, and the barista will know you’re a die-hard Dutch Bros. fan. Or ask your barista for additional blends they’ve got hiding up their sleeves.

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