Homemade chips you won't feel bad about eating

Aug 31, 2014 at 3:00 a.m. ET

Chips don't have to be junk food. In fact, these homemade chips are veggie packed and make the perfect healthy snack. Make up a batch and have them on stand by for hungry kiddos after a long day at school.

Crispy vegetable chips

Crispy vegetable chips with yogurt dip

Sweet potatoes and red beets create an interesting (and delicious) flavor combination in these chips. Make the queso dip to make them even more appealing to kids.

Salt and vinegar sweet potato chips

Salt and vinegar sweet potato chips

We've all heard of salt and vinegar potato chips, but would you ever think of adding that flavor to sweet potato chips? We did, and it was surprisingly fabulous.

Red beet and blue potato chips

Red beet and blue potato chips with yogurt dip

Not only are these chips gorgeous, but they taste great, too. The tangy yogurt dip adds a punch of extra flavor while still keeping them healthy.

Microwave sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips

Veggie chips are a great way to snack while keeping your diet on track, but they're not always quick or easy to make. These sweet potato chips cook in the microwave, meaning they can be on your plate in five minutes or less.

Baked yellow beet chips

Yellow beet chips

Yellow beets aren't something you can easily convince a child to eat — unless they're disguised as a snack they love. These yellow beet chips look a lot like the chips they're used to, but they're much healthier.

Salt and vinegar zucchini chips

Salt and vinegar zucchini chips

Zucchini chips are super healthy, but they don't always have a lot of taste. The salt and vinegar in this recipe gives just enough flavor to make them addictive, and the garlic yogurt dip makes for a surprisingly great pairing.

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