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Surge is back! Plus 11 other nostalgic foods we want to return

There are just some foods that never should’ve been discontinued. People loved these 11 foods from manufacturers and restaurants alike. Could your favorite be making a comeback?

Surge did. Thanks to a wildly successful Facebook fan page called “The Surge Movement,” in which devotees to the positively unnaturally colored soda lobbied for its return, Coca-Cola has brought back this popular ’90s energy beverage. You can only get it through Amazon (though it sold out within hours on Monday), where it is sold for a reported $14 per 12-pack of 16-ounce cans.

There may be some more nostalgic favorites coming back. I don’t know about you, but I think these should be up for consideration.

1. McD.L.T.


Photo credit: Fanpop

Special packaging for this tasty McDonald’s treat kept your lettuce and pickles crisp and cool and your tomatoes extra juicy for a delish contrast from the hot beef patty. Some assembly required.

2. Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

Photo credit: Clearly Canadian

We just might get our wish on this one. The popular colorless sparkling water that came in a multitude of high-impact fruit flavors like Orchard Peach and Mountain Blackberry may be making a comeback if fans can just show how much we miss it.

3. Oreo O’s cereal

Oreo O's cereal

Photo credit: Coroflot

Unless you live in Korea, you’re out of luck if you have a craving for these crunchy chocolate-flavored rings (with marshmallows in the Extreme version).

4. Black Cat bubble gum

Black Cat Bubble Gum

Photo credit: Black Cat gum

This licorice-flavored gum is a must-chew for black licorice fans. Could Black Cat gum be making a comeback? I hope this isn’t a hoax.

5. Bonkers! fruit chews

Bonkers Fruit Chews

Photo credit: Branded in the 80s

We heard a rumor that these tasty fruit chews with punch-you-in-the-mouth fruity centers might be coming back too. Fingers crossed!

6. Dublin Dr Pepper

Dublin Dr. Pepper

Photo credit: Beverages Direct

Back in the day, the tiny town of Dublin, Texas, started making its own version of Dr Pepper with pure cane sugar. It’s the best Dr Pepper I’ve ever had, but alas, Dr Pepper corporation put the smackdown on them recently and forced them to cease production.

7. Taco Bell Volcano Tacos (in some places)

Taco Bell Volcano Tacos (in some plastyle=

Photo credit: Everyview

This spicy Lava-sauced taco in a crispy red corn shell was a favorite, but when Taco Bell released its Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos (gross!), the Volcano Taco was discontinued in many locations.

8. Nerds cereal

Nerds Cereal

Photo credit: Babble

Tangy breakfast cereal? Why not? Based on the popular Nerds candy, Nerds cereal came with two flavors in separate compartments, leaving only one question: Which flavor are you going to eat first?

9. Chili’s Guiltless Grilled Chicken Caesar Pita

Chili's Guiltless Grilled Chicken Caesar Pita

Photo credit: The Lily Pad Cottage

One of the features of Chili’s guilt-free offerings, this “pita” came on something more akin to flatbread with croutons right inside.

10. Taco Bell Mexican rice

Taco Bell Mexican Rice

Photo credit: FindtheBest

Not long ago, Taco Bell replaced its Mexican rice with (flavorless) Latin rice. That sucks for me, since Taco Bell’s meat makes me sick and I order all my favorites with (preferably Mexican) rice instead of the meat.

11. Frank ‘n Stuff wieners

Frank 'n Stuff Wieners

Photo credit: Frank n’ Stuff Hot Dogs via Facebook

Frank ‘n Stuffs were these ingenious little hot dogs filled with either chili or cheese. We’re guessing the reason they’re no longer made has to do with thousands of kiddos (and probably adults) scalding their tongues on the molten mixture inside.

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