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The future is now, and it has cake-decorating robots (VIDEO)

In a world where we have bots doing just about everything else for us, it only makes sense that they also decorate delicious desserts so we dont have to lift a finger, right?
Baking has never been my strong suit, and if I can actually get a cake to come out of the oven that isn’t totally lopsided, under-baked or dry as a bone, it’s something of a miracle. But then, the decorating. This is usually when the cursing starts, and I cut my losses and head for the bakery. Because how in the world do you decorate a cake without getting crumbs in the frosting?

Enter the cake-decorating robot. Look how easy it is for them. Steady hands, no crumbs, perfect rosettes, all done in seconds. It’s truly mesmerizing, and I want one.

So what’s the moral of the story? Robots make decorating a piece of cake. (C’mon, you know it had to be said.)

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