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13 Delicious ways to slurp oysters this summer

This summer is all about the oysters. Whether raw, deep-fried or roasted, there are dozens of ways to bring oysters into your seasonal recipes.

If you’re all about oysters in all ways, shapes and sizes, then this recipe roundup is just the one for you. We’ve got them raw and fried, roasted and baked. But first, make sure to learn how to shuck oysters with this handy tutorial from food blogger Country Cleaver. And this brief guide to oysters will get you up-to-date on how to choose them.

1. Grilled oysters with herb butter recipe

Grilled oysters with herb butter
Photo credit: Eat Boutique

Fire up the grill, and make these grilled oysters with herb butter, because grilling is one of the best ways to cook these mollusks. Make sure to score some fresh, local oysters if possible.

2. Oyster dressing recipe

Oyster dressing

As a traditional Thanksgiving side dish, try this oyster dressing at your next family get-together. Serve alongside ham or turkey for a true holiday meal.

3. Fried oyster po’boy sandwiches with spicy rémoulade recipe

Fried oyster po'boy sandwiches with spicy remoulade
Photo credit: From Away

A classic oyster preparation, these fried oyster po’boy sandwiches are the perfect summer treat.

4. Oyster ceviche recipe

Oyster ceviche

Photo credit: Laylita’s Recipes

We love ceviche for its ease of preparation, and this refreshing oyster ceviche is just what you would need after a hot summer day.

5. Baked oysters and apples recipe

Baked oysters and apples

Photo credit: Diabetic Foodie

The flavor of sweet apples really balances the briny oysters in this baked oysters and apples recipe.

6. Oyster po’boys with jalapeño rémoulade recipe

Oyster po'boys with jalapeño remoulade

Photo credit: Always Order Dessert

What do you get when you mix classic New Orleans cuisine with the traditional tacos of Mexico? These oyster po’boys with jalapeño remoulade — a treat for your palate.

7. Easy grilled oysters with herbed garlic butter recipe

Easy grilled oysters with herbed garlic butter

Easy grilled oysters with herbed garlic butter is the simplest oyster preparation but the most perfect one for summer cookouts.

8. Fried oysters recipe

Fried oysters

Photo credit: Sweet Life

Keep it simple, and make some fried oysters to snack on before your cookout is ready.

9. Angels on horseback recipe

Angels on horseback

Photo credit: Always Order Dessert

Angels on horseback, also known as bacon-wrapped oysters with horseradish, are the perfect retro-style party snack.

10. Oyster shooters recipe

Oyster shooter

It’s a party when you have this oyster shooters recipe ready to go.

11. Buttermilk fried oysters with caper aioli recipe

Buttermilk fried oysters with caper aioli

Photo credit: Kitchen Confidante

We’re loving these buttermilk fried oysters with caper aioli, because we know what buttermilk does to seafood — it tenderizes it and makes it delicious. Plus, a caper aioli sounds like the perfect dipping sauce.

12. Oysters Rockefeller recipe

Oysters Rockefeller

Photo credit: Recipe Girl

Oysters Rockefeller is a classic oyster preparation and a must for any seafood party.

13. Salsify oyster bisque recipe

Salsify oyster bisque

A unique root vegetable soup, this salsify oyster bisque is a comforting recipe for chilly summer nights.

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