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20 Zucchini recipes that aren’t boring zucchini bread

By now you must be drowning in the huge amount of zucchini from your garden. Today we’re here to help you discover new ways to use up summer’s favorite squash that you’ve probably never even thought of.

Because if I see one more zucchini bread recipe… What? No zucchini bread here? Phew!

1. Zucchini-marinara dogs recipe

Zucchini-marinara dogs

Photo credit: Noble Pig

A great option for your vegetarian guests, these zucchini-marinara dogs are the perfect way to start using up all that summer bounty.

2. Sweet zucchini waffles with mango recipe

Sweet zucchini waffles with mango

Photo credit: Spabettie

We’re loving these sweet zucchini waffles with mango, a great idea on how to bring zucchini into breakfast or even dessert.

3. Chocolate-zucchini scones recipe

 Chocolate zucchini scones

Photo credit: Wine and Glue

Need to hide vegetables in your kids’ treats? Make them a batch of these chocolate-zucchini scones, and they’ll have no clue they’re eating healthy.

4. Spinach-and-ricotta-stuffed zucchini ravioli recipe

Spinach and ricotta stuffed zucchini ravioli

Photo credit: The Healthy Maven

These spinach-and-ricotta-stuffed zucchini ravioli would make the perfect appetizer to a summer meal.

5. Zucchini noodle shakshuka recipe

Zucchini noodle shakshuska

Photo credit: Tasty Yummies

A twist on the classic Israeli dish, this zucchini noodle shakshuka adds zucchini as a base to the eggs and sauce — a perfect breakfast or brunch item.

6. Zucchini-chocolate chip cookie recipe

Zucchini chocolate chip cookies

Photo credit: Tasty Yummies

These grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free zucchini-chocolate chip cookies can even be made vegan, so these are the perfect treat for your health-conscious friends.

7. Chocolate fudge-zucchini cookie recipe

Chocolate fudge zucchini cookies

Photo credit: Two Peas & Their Pod

These chocolate fudge-zucchini cookies are decadent and rich but healthy all at the same time, since they are packed with zucchini.

8. Zucchini-chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting recipe

Zucchini chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting

Photo credit: Tried and Tasty

A cake that’s good for you? That’s what this zucchini-chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting is — a decadent but healthy option for summer cakes.

9. Zucchini pasta aka summer vegetable medley recipe

Zucchini pasta aka summer vegetable medley

Photo credit: Eat the Love

Grab all your summer produce, and make this zucchini pasta aka summer vegetable medley. It’s sure to impress your family and friends.

10. Zucchini noodles with caper-olive sauce and fresh tomatoes recipe

Zucchini noodles with caper olive sauce and fresh tomatoes

Photo credit: Gourmande in the Kitchen

This light meal of zucchini noodles with caper-olive sauce and fresh tomatoes looks refreshing and incredibly flavorful, perfect for when you need a quick and light meal during the height of summer.

11. Zucchini angel hair pancake recipe

Zucchini angel hair pancake

Photo credit: Eats Well with Others

Whether you’re carb-loading or need an extra boast, this zucchini angel hair pancake is the perfect thing to munch on.

12. Zucchini pasta with avocado cream sauce recipe

Zucchini pasta with avocado cream sauce

Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen

A gorgeous dish, this zucchini pasta with avocado cream sauce is sure to entice any of the usual carb lovers in your family.

13. Grilled zucchini nachos recipe

Grilled zucchini nachos

Photo credit: Two Peas & Their Pod

A healthy twist on classic nachos, these grilled zucchini nachos are loaded with all your favorite Mexican ingredients.

14. Zucchini-ricotta bake recipe

Zucchini ricotta bake

Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen

Layers of ricotta, tomato sauce and fresh basil make this zucchini-ricotta bake a perfectly healthy substitute for traditional Italian lasagna.

15. Chocolate chip-zucchini muffins recipe

Chocolate chip zucchini muffins

Photo credit: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Sneak a couple of these chocolate chip-zucchini muffins into your back-to-school lunches for the kids, and you’ll rest easy that they are eating their vegetables.

16. Skillet chicken and zucchini Parmesan recipe

Skillet chicken and zucchini parmesan

Photo credit: Simple Bites

During those rainy summer days when you need a heartier meal, this skillet chicken and zucchini Parmesan hits the spot.

17. Zucchini-coconut-chocolate chip cookie recipe

Zucchini coconut chocolate chip cookies

Photo credit: Two Peas & Their Pod

We suggest making a double batch of these zucchini-coconut-chocolate chip cookies and freezing one of the batches. You’ll thank us later.

18. Zucchini waffles recipe

Zucchini waffles

Photo credit: The Law Student’s Wife

These zucchini waffles are perfect for breakfast. They taste like warm zucchini bread and nothing else.

19. Spicy Mexican chorizo-zucchini frittata recipe

Spicy Mexican chorizo zucchini frittata

Photo credit: Muy Bueno Cooking

Mix it up with this spicy Mexican chorizo-zucchini frittata, a great way to use up summer squash and farm eggs from your community-supported agriculture (CSA).

20. White pizza-stuffed zucchini boats recipe

White pizza stuffed zucchini boats

Photo credit: Kitchen Treaty

Cheesy white pizza-stuffed zucchini boats are the perfect summer side dish.

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