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#BoomNailedIt: Celebrity look-alike cake fails


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J.Lo’s lion-hugging birthday cake is just the latest in a long line of creepy, life-like celebrity cakes.

Her “interesting” birthday cake has been all over the news lately, but J.Lo’s lion-hugging selfie cake isn’t the first of its kind. Fans thinking “I could just eat her/him right up” were unfortunately taken literally by the bakers of these seven other celebrity cake fails.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Cake by DancesWithWacom on deviantART

Fancy a bite of monster claw? Lady Gaga’s unconventional looks are great for the stage, but on the cake stand it’s another story entirely. Do you really want to make eye contact with Mother Monster while chomping down on one of her fondant fingers?

2. Oprah

Oprah cake

Photo credit: Art Car Central

This Oprah cake is not one of my favorite things. Oprah’s glum face seems to know that a knife-wielding party host is about to please guests with a call of “You get some cake! And you get some cake! You’re all getting caaaaaake!”

3. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Cake

Photo Credit: Tania Riley via Easy Birthday Cakes

The King of Pop looks more than a little startled to have wound up coated in frosting. But as in real life, at least he brought his liquid eyeliner A-game to the cake plate. This time it just happens to be chocolate flavored.

4. Tupac

Tupac cake

Photo credit: i_was_a_lid via Cake Central

Hip-hop legend Tupac lives. In the form of this cake, that is. Though, from the side eye he’s giving the baker, it looks like maybe he’d rather have been left to rest in peace.

5. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Cake

Photo credit: shiela b via Cake Central

Things to consider before making a cake with breasts: Do you really want to be the one who has to essentially perform a biopsy in front of your party guests and then ask them to eat what you’ve harvested? If that’s not enough to stop you, then maybe the look of panic on Dolly’s face will. But even when she’s on the chopping block, you have to admire her ability to keep on smilin’.

6. Willie Nelson

Photo credit: tribaL216 via imgur

The look of Willy Nelson’s eyes on this cake will probably haunt me forever. Who knew that the uncanny valley existed in the world of pastry?

7. Justin Bieber

Photo credit: imgur

While this beef cake of Justin Bieber is unsettling, to say the least, at the end of the day, you have to appreciate how apropos it is to make a meat head of a notorious meathead.

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