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15 Recipes That Prove Icebox Cakes Belong in the Spotlight

What’s better than an ice-cold dessert on a hot summer day? We’re bringing back icebox cakes, popular in the 1920s and 1930s, and giving them another shot at the spotlight now.

One thing we love is vintage desserts, and icebox cakes literally take the cake on this one. They were popular during World War I because of a shortage of ingredients, and so this is a simple cake to put together, sometimes with as little as two basic ingredients. Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers was the first product to include the recipe for these cakes on the back of its packaging, and those wafers are the first ingredient. The second ingredient is whipped cream, which holds the wafers together, forming either a traditional log or a layered dessert (like a trifle).

You can find several variations of this classic cake, sometimes using different kinds of biscuits (like graham crackers) or pudding as the filling. Get creative, and chill out with an icebox cake.

1. Chocolate and cream icebox cake recipe

Chocolate and cream icebox cake

Photo credit: Wonky Wonderful.

We’re loving the simplicity of this chocolate and cream icebox cake recipe, the perfect introduction to icebox cake making.

2. Berry Oreo icebox cake recipe

Berry Oreo icebox cake

Photo credit: Inside BruCrew Life

The classic chocolate-berry combination in this berry Oreo icebox cake is perfection.

3. Chocolate icebox cupcake recipe

Chocolate icebox cupcakes

Photo credit: Two Peas & Their Pod

These bite-size chocolate icebox cupcakes are a perfectly sweet afternoon treat for kids and adults alike.

4. Icebox tiramisu recipe

Icebox tiramisu

Photo credit: The View from Great Island

If you love anything coffee flavored, then this icebox tiramisu is the perfect dessert for you. Maybe you can even pretend it’s just a cup of coffee and have it for breakfast…

5. Strawberry-blueberry cheesecake icebox cake recipe

Strawberry and blueberry cheesecake icebox cake

Photo credit: Life, Love & Sugar

Use seasonal berries to make this strawberry-blueberry cheesecake icebox cake for after dinner tonight.

6. Banana split icebox cake recipe

Banana split icebox cake

Photo credit: Life, Love & Sugar

Who doesn’t love a good banana split? It’s even better when it’s a banana split icebox cake.

7. Black Forest icebox cake recipe

 Black forest icebox cake

Photo credit: Dessert for Two

The combination of fresh cherries and chocolate makes this Black Forest icebox cake a divine recipe.

8. Banana pudding icebox cake recipe

Banana pudding icebox cake

Photo credit: The Kitchen Is My Playground

A twist on the classic, this banana pudding icebox cake uses pudding instead of whipped cream.

9. Lemon-blueberry icebox cake recipe

Lemon blueberry icebox cake

Photo credit: Savour Fare

Perfect use of fresh blueberries enhanced with fresh lemon, this lemon-blueberry icebox cake just screams summer.

10. No-bake Nutella chocolate icebox cake recipe

No-bake Nutella chocolate icebox cake

Photo credit: Apron Strings

Who doesn’t love Nutella? This no-bake Nutella chocolate icebox cake would make the perfect weekend dessert.

11. Butterfinger icebox cake recipe

Butterfinger icebox cake

Photo credit: Beyond Frosting

For all the candy lovers out there, this Butterfinger icebox cake is a dream come true.

12. Chocolate stout and dulce de leche icebox pie recipe

Chocolate stout and dulce de leche icebox pie

Photo credit: The Beeroness

Love beer and pies? Then this chocolate stout and dulce de leche icebox pie is just the version of an icebox cake you need.

13. Lemon-lime icebox cake recipe

Lemon-lime icebox cake

Photo credit: Muy Bueno Cooking

This lemon-lime icebox cake shines with bright, citrus flavors, and we’re sure you can use whatever citrus fruit is available to you. Think oranges, mandarins, clementines, grapefruit and more.

14. Iced coffee butterscotch icebox cake recipe

Iced coffee butterscotch icebox cake

Photo credit: Back for Seconds

The perfect blend of coffee and buttery goodness, this iced coffee butterscotch icebox cake will become a family favorite for generations to come.

15. Brownie Brittle-strawberry “lasagna” recipe

Brownie brittle strawberry "lasagna"

Photo credit: Beyond Frosting

Ever heard of Brownie Brittle? It’s like crunchy, thin cookies, but each piece is actually a brownie. We love the creative use of them in this Brownie Brittle-strawberry “lasagna.”

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