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5 Creepy Fifty Shades of Grey cakes NO ONE wants


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My feelings about these cakes are similar to Anastasia’s initial feelings for Christian: intrigued, surprised and occasionally repulsed. But just like the books themselves, the crazier they are, the harder it is to look away. If you’ve ever dreamed of literally devouring Christian, then you’re in luck — these cakes offer ample opportunity to satisfy your hunger.

Photo credit: RR218 via CakeCentral

Surprisingly tasty indeed. When faced with such a disturbingly delicious cake, hopefully you can make like Ana (post-training, of course) and exercise some restraint.

50 Shades of Grey cake

Photo credit: Rosie Cake Diva

I can’t tell if this cake, featuring Christian in a whip-wielding, come-hither pose, makes me hungry or scared. Then again, how often is one presented with the opportunity to literally sink their teeth into a good book?

50 Shades of Grey cake

Photo credit: Richards’ Cakes

Like with Christian’s husky voice, you have to wonder if on the inside this cakey dreamboat is “like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel… or something.” E L James may not have realized that when she wrote that sentence, it would someday inspire these (creepy?) confectionery characters.

50 Shades of Grey cake

Photo credit: BonBon Rose Girls

“He’s not merely good looking… he’s the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking.” Ana’s description of Christian seems pretty apt for his Ken doll stand-in too. Using the doll here instead of a delicious cake-and-fondant Dom actually makes the overall design much less eerie — and just like the perfect sub, the Ken doll can be used over and over again.

50 Shades of Grey cake

Photo credit: Ice Queen Cakes

This post-coital confection leaves little to the imagination, with Anastasia’s fondant bosom peering from beneath the crimson sheets as she stares, shell-shocked, at the ceiling. I can only imagine I’d be wearing a similar expression if someone presented me with this cake. Then again, as Ana and Christian demonstrate time and again in Fifty Shades, much, much stranger things have happened.

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