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Someone stuffed a grilled cheese into a burger, and it looks like heaven

You’ve seen grilled cheese burgers before, but you’ve never seen one quite like this.

A grilled cheese burger: Take two grilled cheese sandwiches, and use them as the “bun” for a hamburger patty. Sounds fairly incredible, right? Nick Chipman of didn’t think it was incredible enough.

Why use a measly two grilled cheese sandwiches when you could use three? And that’s exactly what he did. See, inside that hamburger patty lurks a third grilled cheese, all cooked up and encased in meat. Then, of course, two additional sandwiches surround the patty.

I’m not saying this is something you’re going to want to eat every day (well, maybe you want to, but you probably shouldn’t), but I am saying this is something you should experience at least once. I mean, look at it. Isn’t it lovely?

And hey, if grilled cheese buns aren’t your thing, then there’s always the mac-and-cheese bun.

mac and cheese bun burger

Photo credit: Dude Foods

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